View Full Version : Has the world gone crazy! Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 19 dead

25th Jul 2016, 21:52
At least 15 people have died in a knife attack at a residential care centre for the disabled near Japan's capital Tokyo, Japanese media reported.

Another 45 people are reported to have been injured in the attack.

Police in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested a suspect, according to Kyodo news agency.

25th Jul 2016, 23:19
Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 19 dead

25th Jul 2016, 23:22
This type of thing does happen from time to time in Japan.

26th Jul 2016, 00:21
He wanted to eliminate disabled or crippled people. Sounds familiar.

26th Jul 2016, 03:09
Samurai Hit man, but sadly, not a SNL joke. :(

PS rotornut: yes, the world has gone freakin' crazy.
Where have you been the last two decades?

26th Jul 2016, 05:52
Thank goodness he didn't have an AK74 hunting rifle. Or a glock with 300 cartridges in his backpack.

26th Jul 2016, 07:16
As somebody posted, this happens from time to time in the Far East but not to this level. Practically every Asian household has a No1 Knife in the kitchen. Very easy to get hold of and very effective.


There is still another inch on the handle outside the scanner.

26th Jul 2016, 07:29
Was committed by a young man apparently.

I guess it is a case of youth-in-asia.

Sorry - it had to be said

26th Jul 2016, 07:33
Horrific. The irony is that this monster will himself end up in a secure institution.

26th Jul 2016, 07:43
If they all had knives it would never have happened

26th Jul 2016, 07:49
I thought the Japs were a pretty stable sort of race, even given their war like ancestry.!

26th Jul 2016, 08:12
Mental illness can afflict any human on earth Peter....

26th Jul 2016, 09:53
Knives seem to be an oriental favourite. When I was in Hong Kong in the 60s somebody was always going mad with a knife of the sort illustrated by FarEastDriver and chopping up their families or neighbours. Looking at the way people lived crammed in together like rats in a cage it was amazing it didn't happen more frequently.

27th Jul 2016, 07:46
Welcome to pprune.
I can see you're another who likes to speak as he sees.


27th Jul 2016, 23:04
yes, the world has gone freakin' crazy.
Where have you been the last two decades?
Lonewolf, I'm embarrassed, thank you for pointing that out. I meant to say the last two kiloyears.