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23rd Jul 2016, 18:02
Filmed 10 months ago at Miami Intl.
Most saying it is actually an Atlas V launch.
Even allowing for perspective anomalies it does seem to be going mostly sideways - not up.


23rd Jul 2016, 18:51
After launch most of a launch is horizontal, not vertical, to achieve orbital velocity, rather than straight up and down.

No, That Incredible Atlas V Launch Was Not A UFO | IFLScience (http://www.iflscience.com/space/no-incredible-atlas-v-launch-was-not-ufo-please-stop-asking/)

23rd Jul 2016, 19:01
Your Call. What is it?

Intergalactic tadpole, from the look of it. Took one look at Miami, turned around, and headed for home. :} :cool:

23rd Jul 2016, 20:25
787 with lithium ion afterburner engaged.

23rd Jul 2016, 21:15
Chemtrail test - new formula!

23rd Jul 2016, 21:47
we went to Cape Canaveral to see an evening launch of the Shuttle. At the time I was surprised to see it rise up a bit and then almost immediately start to arc over to go out over the ocean. Before long it was going down over the horizon despite the obvious fact that it was still climbing higher, it made it to the space station as expected.

Um... lifting...
24th Jul 2016, 03:14
Long ago, one was aboard a vessel downrange (east) of Cape Canaveral for the purpose of rescue should the shuttle launch go awry. Our launch window was on the order of 15 seconds in duration, before or after which we'd be out of range. So, we turned up and spun on the deck for about 10 minutes before the launch, then once the vehicle had passed our position to the east, we no longer mattered, so we shut down, had lunch, and the ship headed back to port.

24th Jul 2016, 11:03
I vote for Chem Trails.

24th Jul 2016, 15:54
It's exactly as stated, an Atlas V launch about 10 months ago.

I live in South FL and fly out of MIA. I forced myself up early to see this launch knowing the Atlas series provides an awesome show of expanding gasses whenever a launch occurs after sunset or before sunrise. Sunrise launches are better due to the backlit exhaust gasses as the vehicle climbs into the sun.

Launches also vary from a NE-SE direction depending on their planned orbit. This one looked east-southeast and looks closer than it really is. My view was nearly identical 80+ miles north of MIA. As for the horizontal track, they start vertical then accelerate more horizontal while climbing. They aren't artillery shells. On very clear nights it was possible to watch the Space Shuttle appear to descend as it tracked the curvature of the earth before disappearing near the horizon.

Most amazing sight I saw was 450 due east of Cape Kennedy an hour after sunset. The Space Shuttle launched and went directly over us with the same type of trail as in this video. The vehicle had climbed into the sunlight and it and the massive blue plume was backlit by the stars. I'm surprised NASA never positioned a photo jet out there. The view was spectacular. I felt like my 757 was an old sailing ship compared to that.

Windy Militant
24th Jul 2016, 21:44
It's exactly as stated, an Atlas V launch about 10 months ago.

Nah It was Elvis going home! Thangyouverramuch!;)