View Full Version : RAF Marham - Suspected abduction attempt

Effluent Man
21st Jul 2016, 14:41
This has been breaking around East Anglia all day. It seems that two dark skinned men attempted to abduct a serviceman who was jogging near the base last night. Looks like an attempt to repeat the Lee Rigby outrage.

22nd Jul 2016, 10:58
There's already a thread about this on the Mil-Forum.

I'm cynical and suspicious about the whole thing.

I think when the dust settles we will find out that the victims name was:

"Walter Munchausen".


Effluent Man
22nd Jul 2016, 11:15
That thought had occurred to me also, don't you think though that the RAF will have this one covered? There are usually clues with Walter Mitty characters and I would have thought that a psychiatrist would be brought in straight away.

22nd Jul 2016, 11:56
Why is there an automatic assumption it is terrorist related? In the absence of any evidence why is it not assumed to be a motiveless beating up or attempted arse-banditry for instance, or a myriad of other random crimes?

Effluent Man
22nd Jul 2016, 12:27
Probably the description of the perps.

22nd Jul 2016, 13:03
Perhaps he wasn't running fast enough,, Could do better next time..Eh..!

22nd Jul 2016, 13:13
Wageslave, see post #1. Lee Rigby

22nd Jul 2016, 13:56
para - as stated I see nothing but an assumption based on no evidence there, I rest my case.

Why the heavy type? Lee Rigby wasn't involved here - ????

22nd Jul 2016, 22:39

Of course it is an assumption, but you can't blame people for making that link.


Terror suspect charged over Isil-inspired plot for Lee Rigby style attack on US troops in the UK - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11753369/Terror-suspect-charged-over-Isil-inspired-plot-to-attack-US-troops-in-the-UK.html)