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wings folded
21st Jul 2016, 15:37
It all springs from this hideous event wherein a nutter, whether Islamist motivated or just a nutter, stabbed a mother and her daughters apparently because they were too scantily dessed.

It took place in Laragne-Monteglin in the Hautes Alpes department in France. Note the word "Alpes".

The Dail Mail reports the incident as having taken place 200 or more kilometers to the south near Montpellier which is very much on the Mediterranian coastal plain. They then published a map showing the place of the attack as being between Nimes and Arles, miles away from Montpellier and Sisteron which is the nearest large town in the region where this occurred.

I am not clear since when the Alpes had settled on the Med coastal plain.

MSN then pick up this crap reporting, and say one of the unfortunate children was airlifted to nearby Grenoble. Absolute crap. She was airlifted to Gap, the capital of the department. She may for all I know have been forwarded subsequently to Grenoble which has higher level medical care facilities, but to call Greonoble nearby to either Montpellier or half way between Nimes and Arles, or Sisteron is just ridiculous.

The Mirror perpetuates the error according to links I have read from threads on this site.

So, if you read a story apparently corroborated by two other journalistic sources, be cautious. They are regurgitating each other's bollocks.