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Loose rivets
20th Jul 2016, 22:04
I needed to go back to the bloke I got my car from with the number plates I'd promised to return and around that time I'd noticed an ad for an unopened computer and decided I couldn't build it for anything like the asking price. I looked on GooEarth and in the midst of Southend's outskirts, some 65 miles away were both houses - about 400 yards apart.

Years ago, I saw a Bolex Macrozoom in the Exchange & Mart. Princess Grace had one, so I thought I'd keep up appearances. I told my pal as we sat overlooking the sea at Walton and said sadly, it was near Heathrow so too far to travel. 220 round trip) I'm going near there tomorrow said he. Blimey, it's the next street. 50 quid it was mine. Wonderful bit of kit.

Bolex Collector | Cameras | 160 Macrozoom (http://www.bolexcollector.com/cameras/160.html)

Same pal beat all when talking about coincidence. With his crew on an M1 rest stop up north. He was reminiscing about his go-kart days and mentioned a local chap that used to fettle them for him. "But he's in Canada now . . . no he isn't . . . he's just walked in the door."

So, not only not in Canada, but hundreds of miles from their home town. Yes, I asked if it was possible he could have seen him, but that got an emphatic, no.

Wan Wei Luke
20th Jul 2016, 22:48
I had a very similar experience to the latter story. I had just met up with my new freelance copilot (again at a services on the M1) and we were discussing our backgrounds over a coffee. I mentioned my time in the Far East and my copilot asked me if I kept in touch with folks out there. I then mentioned one particular person in passing (the father of my son's school friend in Hong Kong). As I was discussing him I suddenly noticed he was sitting at the next table, but with his back to us. He had arrived in UK only hours before and he was back there at very short notice to visit his dying parent. It was a total coincidence and it freaked all of us out, tbh. I hadn't seen him for almost ten years and now another decade later, never again since.

20th Jul 2016, 22:54
While studying in Russia a mate and I went on a week's holiday to St Petersburg. As we stood outside the Hermitage museum one day who should walk up but a girl who had been on a course with me in Paris the previous year. As the three of us chatted a fourth girl strolled up - she had been on a course with my mate in Voronezh earlier in the year. Neither girl knew the other.

There was a "what a coincidence" moment, and a bit of desultory chat, ending with the usual - "we must all get together for a drink" sort of thing and swapping of phone numbers. But as none of us had anything remotely in common with the others we never actually saw them again.

21st Jul 2016, 00:03
If you're into creeping someone out.

Pick out a stranger in a crowd that you somehow have learned their first name then walk by them and as you pass look over your shoulder and call Hi !! using their first name then keep walking fast into the crowd saying you have to run.

That should put their minds into a tizzy for a day or two.

21st Jul 2016, 02:01
When I was working in the USA, I came into contact with a 3rd cousin of mine whilst researching the family history, via the interwebby thingy. We shared a 3x great grandfather, and met later in the year in Dorset in the village where our common ancestor had lived.
During discussions I revealed that I was actually a long time resident of New Zealand, at which time my cousin revealed that he had worked recently in New Zealand . It transpired we had both lived within 2km of each other....

21st Jul 2016, 02:33
Sitting at a bar in NYC and a young couple sat next to me. We exchanged pleasantries, and it turned out that she came from a large rural city in Victoria. About 40 years earlier, I'd worked in South Australia with a bloke who came from there, so I asked if she knew a family of that name, as I wondered if he'd gone back there. It turned out that my mates daughter was this girl's best friend. I gave her my contact details, and a couple of days after I returned home, had a phone call from my old mate. About a year later, we passed through the city and caught up with him and his wife. He had hardly changed in almost 40 years.

In another place where I worked when my children were toddlers, my older daughter, about 4 then) used to sometimes come to my office while I was working, and the young girl who used to operate the computer taught her to operate it, driving the plotter and pressing the right buttons to do simple operations. Fast forward about 25 years, and daughter is a software engineer working for a contractor on a major government project. Her opposite number at the client was the girl who had let her play with the computer when she was little. Unfortunately, neither realised at the time, and it wasn't until I looked at the project details on the dept.'s web site that I told my daughter. By that time, the other lady had retired, so they never caught up afterwards.

21st Jul 2016, 03:42
I was a second generation Sikorsky employee living in Connecticut. I spent a lot of time doing flight test in Florida and one of my co-workers down there became one of my greatest friends. One day he gets a new next door neighbor and they are making acquaintances. My buddy mentions he works at Sikorsky. The new neighbor says that years ago, as a teen he lived with a family when his parents were getting divorced and their next door neighbor worked at Sikorsky. He remembered the name and asked my buddy if he knew him. He did, it was my dad and so by coincidence he was my next door neighbor once too, with a separation of 20 years and a thousand miles.

Ascend Charlie
21st Jul 2016, 05:21
In 2005 I was carrying David, the boss of a Seriously Big Bank, in the chopper to my boss's country residence. We flew past the Singleton military area, we started chatting about military life, he had been the CO of a group of troops at Singleton in 1981, at the end of a long hike through mountainous terrain. One of them had fallen down a cliff, and I had flown the rescue chopper to winch him out of there. The weather conditions were REAALLY bad, so after lifting the victim out, I was unable to give any more of them a ride, so they had to walk out and didn't like it.

He then asked me if I knew his brother Jock. Turns out I had met him in 1973, on the other side of the continent, when I was giving hoist famil to an SAS troop. After winching each of the troop up and down, the CO (Jock) was last - we lifted him off the ground, then moved over to a dam so we could dunk his boots in it. But he wriggled and squirmed, and his boots were above his head by the time they got wet. The rest of the troop fell on the ground laughing, Jock saw the humour too. But then I ran across him again in 1998, when he was head of security planning for the Olympics in 2000.

So David thought it was interesting that I had inadvertently given both brothers a hard time, 2000 miles apart.

Effluent Man
21st Jul 2016, 06:39
I called on a friend, a fellow classic car enthusiast, to tell him about my latest acquisition, a 1958 MG Magnette. I mentioned the year and his wife said " The same as me". "It's October" I continued "Me too" she replied. "Not the eighth are you?"...of course, she was.

21st Jul 2016, 07:08
My sister, who lives in Norfolk, was at her hairdressers chatting with a new stylist who had just moved there from Berkshire. Turned out that my sister's daughter had bought the stylist's house near Newbury...

I worked for a year here in Croydon with a student Landscape Architect who had been in my class at a primary school in Nairobi 15 years earlier.

21st Jul 2016, 07:16
Years ago I managed a lab that had some torpedo lifting gear in it, that had to be regularly inspected (this was around the mid to late 80's, down in SW England). Whilst the chap from the certification company was doing his inspection and tests, I had to be there, as it was a secure lab and there was no one else around.

The chap doing the tests looked familiar, and from the way he was looking at me it seemed he thought we might know each other. One of us asked the other if we'd met before; both were sure we had, but couldn't remember when.

He mentioned Cyprus, and I then remembered him, we'd worked at 280SU, RAF Akrotiri for a few weeks in 1974, when I doing some special fit trials on the S259 radar down on the end of the peninsula and he was the Chief Tech looking after the radar. The trials had been rudely interrupted by the Turks invading, and I never went back to Cyprus again after that.

He'd left the RAF some years later and got a job working for this lifting gear company. I changed jobs too, and was working on torpedo development, rather than radar systems development. I've always wondered quite how we came to meet up again around 12 to 15 years later in a completely different part of the world, both doing very different jobs.

Chef Bruz
21st Jul 2016, 09:06
Like Steven Wright says: "Small World, but I wouldn't want to paint it!"

Pontius Navigator
21st Jul 2016, 09:11
If you're into creeping someone out.

Pick out a stranger in a crowd that you somehow have learned their first name then walk by them and as you pass look over your shoulder and call Hi !! using their first name then keep walking fast into the crowd saying you have to run.

That should put their minds into a tizzy for a day or two.
Father-in-Law, ex WW2 RN visiting Malta with his wife and his mate whose life he had saved. They were walking down the Gut chatting when this voice came out a bar:

"Welcome back Charlie."

Wife was not best pleased.

Pontius Navigator
21st Jul 2016, 09:16
My freak story, just as improbable as Wan Wei Luk.

Had contacted a former colleague at High Wycombe and agreed to go for a drink. He rang later and apologised as he would be in Town.

Later, two of us went to Town, took the tube to Baker Street and chatting intently went to the wrong platform. A train came in and we were opposite a single door at the end of a carriage. My colleague was the first out.

10,000,000 people in a city with a mass transit system and we are on the wrong platform at exactly the right place and time.

Pontius Navigator
21st Jul 2016, 09:18
Or, work visit to Wethersfield, welcome BBQ, short visit by Base Commander.

Three months later, on honeymoon in Lake District, as I leave the hotel he walks in. We recognised each other having met only briefly previously.

21st Jul 2016, 10:56
My mother's cousin was a 'white sheep' the only one from a mining family in Durham to leave home (he joined the Metropolitan Police and rose to the rank of CID officer, fingerprint division).
Meanwhile, I was the only one in the family who left home to go to university (brother and sister went to local colleges and travelled daily).
On my way to university I had to travel through London and change stations.
AFAIK, Alan (my mother's cousin) was the only person in London that I knew.

Walking up the steps from the Underground I emerged onto the street and came face to face with Alan . . .

21st Jul 2016, 11:03
Years ago I worked in an office in a building in the centre of a City a woman employee told me she had had a call to go to the hospital as her daughter had had an accident on her pony.

The woman made little of it saying that she would get the bus and that her daughter was always having these silly little accidents.
I got a strong sense of foreboding and asked where her husband was. He travelled daily and worked in a City some 30 miles away.

I insisted that I drove her there as my car was parked some 200 meters away
Going out of the building instead of turning left the normal short way to go to my car I went right again a strong instinct which meant the distance to the car was 500 meters
She looked puzzled by my chosen route

As we went around another block of buildings we walked straight into her husband walking along the street.

He had trouble with a tooth and managed to get a dentist cancellation delaying his departure for work which his wife was unaware of

I was overjoyed to see him and took them both to the Hospital

When we arrived a Doctor came to speak with us and informed both parents that their daughter had fallen off her pony crossing a fast flowing stream/river
Her friend had charged off to get help but sadly the daughter had died and could not be revived

It was an awful experience and to this day I don't know what guided me so strongly! I use the word Guided as that was what it felt like rather than a conscious decision of mine

Metro man
21st Jul 2016, 11:09
I was doing a bit of taxi driving in Australia back in the early 2000s. Two men get in and we head off down the road. We get talking and one of them says he's from England, and mentions the county he used to live in. I used to live there, he then mentions the name of the village, I used to live there as well. He names the housing estate, same one as I used to live on and his house was a two minute walk from mine.

We had both left in 1980 and nearly 25 years later he happens to get into a cab I'm driving in the middle of rush hour on the other side of the world.

21st Jul 2016, 18:26
Long story, short version. Eight people sharing van ride from KJFK to eastern Long Island, chatting as sometimes happens. One woman mentions she has just arrived from Adelaide, South Australia on a sad mission to scatter her Mom's ashes over the Atlantic, per her wishes.

I volunteered that my flying group had a high wing aircraft with a broken latch on the passengers side so it opened wide and was 5 miles from the ocean. She asked me my name, and when I answered, she said not *** and used my full name with Middle Initial. I replied that I was unaware my fame had spread nine thousand miles from home.

Turns out I knew the dec'd fairly well and had for a period of years. She had written to her daughter about me. The ashes were subsequently successfully deployed in accordance with her wishes.

21st Jul 2016, 18:52
Godmother had lived in a town after she was married and had couple of kids before moving many miles away from what was one of her then best friends. Lost touch as no phone in those days.

Years later family moved back and daughter not born when lived there was at school, she had a best friend, one evening at a parents even when mums and daughters went to school. It was their daughters shock to discover that not only did their mums know each other but had been best friends.

North Shore
21st Jul 2016, 21:30
The 'old man' got an 8mm camera for his 21st birthday, and subsequently took it to school for a day, where he took some footage of his mates horsing around at lunch, eating sandwiches, etc.. In the background 3 women walk by.
50-odd years later, as we are going through reels and reels of film, we come across the 8mm reel. Dad rushes off to rent a projector, and we sit down to watch. In the middle of it, and as the 3 young ladies walk by, Dad says: "That's ABC!" Great discussion ensues, until ABC visits, and confirms that it is, indeed, her in the film. ABC has been friends for 35 years, and on a different continent...

21st Jul 2016, 22:26
Needed a colonoscopy in New Zealand last year, pre-op the surgeon said he was going to do an ECG, did I know what that meant and had I ever had one before?

You must be joking, I'm a retired airline pilot I had an ECG every 6 months of my flying career.

Oh ! Who d'ya fly for ? ABCD airlines in the UK I replied. Did you know a Capt. XXXX he then asked ?

Are you joking, that was the barsteward who started screwing my wife whilst I was away from home on duty and caused two divorces, and two families to break up, how'd you know him ?

I was his teenage son's best friend at Abingdon Grammar School at the time of his family break up, I well recall all the drama and unhappiness !

This 35 years later on the other side of the Earth.

The same surgeon subsequently removed my colon cancer tumour - I think I got personal attention of the highest order !

No.2. New Zealand, some years ago, local hardware store sold to a newly arrived immigrant from Zimbabwe. The only person I know in Zimbabwe was a Captain with Central African Airways, now Air Zim. I mentioned one day, buying something or other. He was my wife's first boy friend, was the reply.

No 3. I moved to N.Z. in 1994, and in 1999 accepted a short term job with a new, start-up, freight airline at Heathrow, and worked there for 9 months. Last year, looking at an Open Home For Sale, my wife heard the Estate Agent mention Los Angeles, and started a discussion with him. Turned out he had been a North American Rep. for Air New Zealand, specialising in cargo matters, and mentioned that he had once visited a new freight airline in London, with a view to conducting some sort of alliance. He had obviously walked past my desk when visiting my then boss !

21st Jul 2016, 23:14
Many years ago, at Australian Rules football matches in Melbourne, fans used to cut up old Melbourne phone books (approx 1000 pages of very close type) into approx 2 inch squares and use for confetti from upper stands. I am in attendance one day, paper squares are fluttering everywhere, swirling about in a strong wind. For some reason I reach up and grab one as it flies past. Had my name on it.

21st Jul 2016, 23:29
Colleague from the UK was working in Denmark (for a Danish company) - having emigrated and married a Dane. He takes a business trip to Tokyo, with a one night stopover in Hong Kong. Naturally, he visits Victoria Peak to view the sunset. Whilst there he finds himself standing next to someone that he was at school with, who was doing the journey in reverse, having just come from Tokyo, having a one-night stopover in Hong Kong before continuing to the UK.

I worked in Denmark for three years with this guy before returning to the UK. Whilst driving down the M1 en-route from Nottingham to Guildford I caught-up with a Danish-registered car, and yes, it was being driven by the same guy (we both pulled-in to Toddington Services to chat) who was on his way back to catch the ferry at Harwich.

22nd Jul 2016, 03:25
In the 80's I had reason to enter Yates Wines Lodge in Nottingham. I bumped into a guy at the bar and spilled his beer, and hastily offered to buy him a new drink. He accepted and we got chatting. A few minutes passed and I mentioned that I had an almost overwhelming feeling that we had met before. He said he felt exactly the same. It took a while and 2 or 3 pints, but we finally established we had shared a train carriage in our teenage years, for a couple of hours, between Bristol and Plymouth in 1969 ....

Curious Pax
22nd Jul 2016, 11:02
These are probably both floating around the JB archive already, but for newer readers:

1) My great uncle, who I don't think I ever met, was a Methodist minister. When my mother in law was having a clear out a couple of years after my wife and I got married she discovered my wife's christening certificate. Turns out my great uncle christened her, so I wasn't the first person in my family to have her in their arms!

2) worked in The Netherlands for a few years in the 90s. Travelled occasionally for work, mostly back to MAN, but one time had to go to LHR. Guy who walked on and sat in the next seat to me (who was London based and returning from his first trip to NL) was in my class at school about 15 years previously - we hadn't seen each other since.

22nd Jul 2016, 12:19
Most surprising coincidental meeting for me was with an ex-school friend. We left school in west Cornwall in 1971, went to university in different locations and lost touch.
I emigrated to South Africa in 1975 and in 1977 was in a supermarket in a suburb of Cape Town doing the weekly shop with my wife. We walked from one aisle to the next and almost collided with........my old friend from school. he had also emigrated and lived within a few hundred yards of us and his wife (his g/f from school who I also knew) walked past our house every day. We got together a few times and then I left SA and we lost touch again.
Fast forward about 20 years, Mrs S and I are in West Cornwall again visiting her relatives, we go to a local supermarket and run into.....my friend from SA! He was in the town for only a day on a visit from SA.
We agreed to meet at some time in the future in a supermarket in a town somewhere in the world.

22nd Jul 2016, 13:46
I was 14 yrs old and at boarding school in the UK. Broke up for summer and flew out to Aden to be with parents. We flew down to the R&R centre at Mombasa thanks to an Aden Airways Argonaut.

While on holiday there I went for a wander along the beach which was virtually empty save for a figure wandering towards me who turned out to be a boy in the same class as me at school. He was there on holiday from Uganda.

22nd Jul 2016, 20:37
I once met a chap on holiday, 3,000 miles from home. We got talking and he asked where I lived. As soon as I told him, he said "I know a bloke from there, his name is Dave - if you meet him when you get back, please give him my regards."

So I did. Dave had never even heard of the bloke. So it wasn't the same Dave.

What a coincidence, two Daves living in such a small village!


22nd Jul 2016, 21:06
I was walking with my wife on a very isolated beach in Turkey when another couple came towards us. He turned out to be one of the supervisors from work and it certainly wasn't his wife with him. He never gave me any trouble after that encounter.

Some years later, I moved to Spain and made friends with an English couple from the next village. We had known one another a couple of years and one night were sharing a bottle of red and discussing our past lives and discovered that he had once had a girlfriend in the same town that I'd lived in. We compared notes and were amazed to find that he took up with the same girl that I had been dumped by the week before. He had actually kept photographs and 45 years and 1400 miles later reminded me of the one that got away.

22nd Jul 2016, 22:19
Irish footie mate dragged me to World Cup in Japan to support him and his mates,quite literally on a few occasions as we staggered back, had not lived in Ireland for 15 years but his sister said oh my best friends hubby is going, he is Dave Collins and staying apparently at a Best Western in Shibuya (spelling), give him a ring and meet up.

Mate looked up the number of hotel gave hotel a call and asked for Dave Collins (not David), got put through and said my sis said to give you a call as friends with your wife, chatted for 30 mins and we met him next night, and a few nights after as well.

Go forward 6 months and a bit and we in Ireland at New Year, chatting to the sister when couple come in, she starts chatting while he goes for the beers, mate comes over and we both introduced to her and told full name as never met before.

We say oh we met Dave in Tokyo, hubby comes over and we think WTF, yup he was in Tokyo but stayed at a Japanese hotel in Shinjuku (spelling) whose mate had booked it so never registered.

So we called up wrong hotel, speak to a Dave Collins, with wife same name and go for beers for 4-5 nights with him.

The Dave we with then says "Is he 6ft, blonde but going bald and limps with right leg", Yup was reply and then came back with, he was in school a year below me and did his leg in a motorbike accident, he still lives in Cork, we were in Dublin.

Must admit neither of us drank much beer that night after that as was really a WTF moment.

23rd Jul 2016, 12:01
I had been trying to get in touch with a chap I had worked in in 1977/79 via the internet withut success and then,while going through a bunch of old diaries from that era found a telephone number for him.Now this was 2014 and whats the chance of him still being there?
So I dialed and got no reply.Next day was Friday and I called again ,this time it was engaged every time I called so I thought there may be a fault with the line.Now this was from Thailand to wales so it was a long shot!!Next day (Saturday)I called my daughter in Plymouth and during our skype call mentioned my call to Wales,she said shall I try ?Why not says I and I see her go to the phone and ring and then it gets answered and she talks for a bit then hangs up and comes to me and says"he died yesterday"that was his son.
His son came to Thailand and brought some photos for me which was much appreciated!

23rd Jul 2016, 13:06
About fifteen years ago (in my mid forties) I had a vivid dream where I was a child once more, playing on a swing in my mother's friend's back garden. Something I'd probably not done for forty years. I'd had no contact at all with that family for decades.

It was so vivid I mentioned it to my mother. She seemed taken aback and asked me when the dream had occurred. I was able to pinpoint the exact date. We were both quite shocked because that was the night her friend had died after a very short illness.

23rd Jul 2016, 14:35
Years ago I managed a lab that had some torpedo lifting gear in it, that had to be regularly inspected (this was around the mid to late 80's, down in SW England). Whilst the chap from the certification company was doing his inspection and tests, I had to be there, as it was a secure lab and there was no one else around.

The chap doing the tests looked familiar, and from the way he was looking at me it seemed he thought we might know each other. One of us asked the other if we'd met before; both were sure we had, but couldn't remember when.

He mentioned Cyprus, and I then remembered him, we'd worked at 280SU, RAF Akrotiri for a few weeks in 1974, when I doing some special fit trials on the S259 radar down on the end of the peninsula and he was the Chief Tech looking after the radar. The trials had been rudely interrupted by the Turks invading, and I never went back to Cyprus again after that.

He'd left the RAF some years later and got a job working for this lifting gear company. I changed jobs too, and was working on torpedo development, rather than radar systems development. I've always wondered quite how we came to meet up again around 12 to 15 years later in a completely different part of the world, both doing very different jobs.

I was a radar mechanic at 280SU Cape Gata working on the S259 at the same time.

Mr Oleo Strut
23rd Jul 2016, 15:24
Two coincidences:
1) After living abroad for many years we were spending Christmas in London and went to see The Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall. When we got to our seats we were amazed to find two colleagues from way back, right next door to us. We had not seen them for years.
2) At the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong a chap tapped my wife on the shoulder. It was a workmate from her old office she had not seen for decades.
Coincidences, or what?

23rd Jul 2016, 21:24
On holiday in western Oz , we went on a tour , had no idea of the itinery that had been arranged after the tour of a winery we purchased some wine in the shop from the owner, " enjoy your wine " Mrs RXD replies " We will Anna , oh and say hello to Fred " and continues outside, there is a silence followed by a scream of Oh my God ,Oh my God, and Mrs XRD's cousin comes running out

24th Jul 2016, 01:26
Went for an interview in London ,sitting in the foyer the chap opposite was staring at me and I thought I know him,turns out we were schoolfriends some thirty five years ago!!Anyway he goes in for his interview and comes out,we say goodbyeand then I am called in.The guy interviewing me turned out to be the ex superintendent of my first power station that I worked in!!!

24th Jul 2016, 02:19
When I was in Victoria, a mate in Adelaide told me about a mate of his who had applied for a job at the organisation I worked for, and suggested I play with his mind. He gave me some information to use. On the morning of interviews, I walked up to his mate as he sat outside the interview room and said "You used to root ......, didn't you." and walked away.
Bastard of an act, I know, but he got the job anyway and we later became quite good friends. When we were laughing about it later, he said the joke was on our Adelaide mate, as he also used to root his then girlfriend, now wife.

8th Sep 2017, 21:09
Saw rather a coincidence a couple of days ago, whilst sitting in my car, engine running, ready to leave a small, but busy car park outside a row of shops.

A brand spanking new Renault hatchback of some sort in bright red drove in and parked in a vacant bay a few metres away from me. I saw through the open spokes of the alloy wheels that it had very shiny, finned aluminium brake drums.

"Aha, just like the old "Alfin" brake drums that boy racers used to fit to their tuned up Leyland Minis", thought I.

I then checked my mirrors and saw a Mercedes Coupe already reversing out from the opposite row, also on his way out. I watched it and saw it had a personalised number plate.

It was ALF 1N. :ooh:

9th Sep 2017, 09:16
Moved across the other side of the world a decade ago, however several years ago I was renting a house and the rental next door got new occupants. they'd been in a few days and hadn't had a chance to speak, but when the wife came into the garden one day I was watering the plants and said hello. We exchanged a few words, and I said "nice accent, where are you from?" Seems she hails from the Scottish borders, so further conversation about the homeland and the fact I used to work much further north at a certain airbase with a maritime connection.

Turns out her husband was also posted there, they lived just up the road from where we used to live, he had been posted there the same time I was and we had so many people in common but had never met in person.

9th Sep 2017, 09:32
In New Zealand last year, shall we go to the pub ? A lot of
yes/no due weather. Eventually we set off. Just sitting down
in the pub,when in rushes this guy who had been my sons prep
school teacher in the UK.
He was in NZ for cricket, and had driven
down the road we were walking on. His wife said to him
"that's XXXXX's parents". Last seen him about 25 years ago.

9th Sep 2017, 13:32
When I started with BOAC in 1969 I was temporarily without a car so decided to hitch to my parents in Cheshire. I was picked up by a very pleasant couple at the bottom of the M1. Having introduced myself, the lady said that she knew all about me including names of parents and schooling.

It turned out that she worked for an insurance company who provided fidelity insurance to BOAC. Every new name on the policy had to be investigated and I was her last 'victim' before she had left work 15 minutes earlier.

What are the chances of that?

9th Sep 2017, 18:40
If you're into creeping someone out.

Pick out a stranger in a crowd that you somehow have learned their first name then walk by them and as you pass look over your shoulder and call Hi !! using their first name then keep walking fast into the crowd saying you have to run.

That should put their minds into a tizzy for a day or two.

A while back I was at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention with a friend who was in the habit of freaking out (usually somewhat drunk) sales people heading back to their hotel rooms still wearing their show credentials by going up to them and say in a familiar 'old friends' way:

Hi Charley, been a while, how are things going at Ampex?

First rule of salespeople is never forget a name, watching them furiously scroll their mental rolodex for someone they had never met was priceless.

Pontius Navigator
9th Sep 2017, 20:48
Not coincidence but a good tale. Two old salts, one my father in law with my mother law trailing. Going down Strait Street in Valletta nattering away when from a doorway a local called "Hi Charlie, welcome back"

This is 40 years after the war but MiL took some convincing.

Loose rivets
10th Sep 2017, 00:01
Is that otherwise known as The Gut?

10th Sep 2017, 08:53
In 1967, I was in Aden and I decided to treat myself to one of these new fangled electronic flash units for my camera. My mate had just bought one so I went to the shop where he had bought his and began the long and tedious process of buying mine; the long ritual of "How much? Bugger off you thieving toe rag, I will give you 3" (he was asking 11). Back and forth all morning until he and I settled on 4.
Fast forward to Jeddah, 1978 and I was in the market for a new camera. Unfortunately, the Americans had been there before us Brits and being naive, they were always happy to settle for the asking price and all the shops had signs saying Fixed price only". So the art of haggling was pretty much dead there. Still, I thought I would have a go, settled on an Olympus, with a flash and long lens and made an offer. After a minute or two of offer, rejection, offer etc, the guy serving me said "I remember you McGregor". McGregor was a nickname commonly used by the locals when addressing a British soldier in Aden so I was surprised. After a bit more discussion, I called his bluff and asked him from where he remembered me. He said "Steamer Point and you bought an electronic flash for 4". Talk about gob smacked! He really was the bloke I had haggled with 11 years earlier! In the end we parted with a handshake, a decent price for the camera and the long lens was thrown in for free.

Pontius Navigator
10th Sep 2017, 10:13
LR, the same :)

Remember Thieves and 'awks were also in Strait Street.

10th Sep 2017, 11:21
In Spain on holiday Mrs G and I were walking into town, one evening when from our right appeared the chap who stood next to me in our chorus. He was staying in the next resort along the coast and on a whim had decided to visit our resort, that evening. As we were approaching each other at right angles the window of time for us to meet must have been just a few seconds,it was very busy too.

10th Sep 2017, 13:27
Whilst working in small town NZ as a shop manager, I was concentrating on a stock control list and didn't hear some potential customers talking to my staff. My brain must have recognised the male voice and I turned around to see my old UK sports team manager and her husband from 26 years back. They were surprised to see me too.

10th Sep 2017, 14:43
Maybe not creepy, as it is peak hurricane season, but certainly coincidental. Hurricane Donna, the last Category 4 to make landfall in Florida, did so exactly 57 years ago today. Exactly as Category 4 Irma is now doing - and both came ashore in The Keys.


Nigerian Expat Outlaw
10th Sep 2017, 17:51
My afther died when I was 31 years old. The funeral (cremation) before his was my secondary school form teacher. The funeral after was my secondary school headmaster.


arthur harbrow
10th Sep 2017, 19:13
Not sure if this is the same kind of coincidence.
My youngest Grandson was born 60 years to the day of his great Grandfathers death, who died aged 60.
When we now compare photos, Grandson aged 10 with great Grandfather aged 10 the likeness is amazing.

10th Sep 2017, 22:54
Stopped at a late night garage miles from home, waiting outside for guy in front at the window taking his time. Started chatting to guy waiting next to me, chatted about SWMBO's and stuff and asked where his accent was from. Came from a certain South American country and I said have only met 1 person before from there. Said it to him and said knew a guy nicknamed Ric from there, he just looked at me and said, that's my nephew. We compared a bit and same guy and turns out we both at a christening for 1st child but never spoke to each other.