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20th Jul 2016, 16:50
We have a couple of Pentax digital SLR cameras. The manuals are a bit sketchy regarding the memory cards which can be used to collect the photos. In both cases, the User Instruction Manual lists the numbers of pictures/resolution/file type which can be saved on SD card sizes up to 4GB. While away on holiday my partner decided that she would like another card for her camera and we tracked down a few camera shops to see what was available. The options seemed to be 8GB and 16GB for about the same money so she opted for the 16GB only to find that her camera would not save to it. I guess that the address range of the card I/F didn't have enough bits.

Since arriving home I have been searching for 4GB SD cards, class 10, they seem to be getting as rare as hens teeth. I finally tracked some down and they will be in the post soon.

I checked on the Ricoh (took over Pentax brand) website and the specification page for her camera, a K200D, still doesn't specify the maximum card size it can handle. In the Spec for my slightly later model it says "up to 32GB from 2009". My camera was bought in 2009. I also found an update to the operating system software this year so I assume my camera can now work the full 32GB.

Is 4GB "so last year" that they have stopped making them?

If you have a camera that is not the latest and greatest you might want to check if you have all of the SD cards you might need.

20th Jul 2016, 18:48

That's a strange fault because if the camera will write to a 4GB card it should write to up to 32GB (SDHC Standard)

There are three Standards; SD - up to 2GB, SDHC - up to 32GB and SDXC - up to a theoretical 1TB.

The K200D, released in 2008, is SDHC compatible and there is a firmware update, 1.01, on the Ricoh site at Latest K200D Firmware Update : Software Downloads | RICOH IMAGING (http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/support/digital/k200d_s.html) which states that "Improved stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card" It might be worth trying that.

You also have to be aware that there are lots of "knock-off" cards out there with big name brand labels on them which may not be what they seem.

20th Jul 2016, 20:45
the spec I got for cards stated SDHC starts at 4GB. This size card works in the K200D. The 16GB SDHC card we tried is actually a micro card in a carrier making it standard SD card size. When removed from the carrier the micro 16GB card was poked into my Galaxy S3 phone where it has been OK ever since. We have a number of 4GB cards, in different speed classes, which we have been using between us without issue.

I have asked, by on line form filling, Ricoh technical folk to clarify the situation with the camera as it is. I have also asked exactly what the one update available for the K200D does. "Improved stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card" doesn't tell me how big a memory card can be used or what the symptoms are when it fails to do the business.

I note that one of the upgrades for the other camera does "Improved stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card" so it might already be fixed.

20th Jul 2016, 20:53
The 16GB SDHC card we tried is actually a micro card in a carrier making it standard SD card size.
Is it possible that the problem lies in using the adaptor?

20th Jul 2016, 23:04
Is 4GB "so last year" that they have stopped making them?

Not so much "last year" - as, the same price-narrowing your wife noticed with the 8/16 cards.

Cards have gotten so cheap that, given the fixed costs of the chip, plastic casing, gold contacts, packaging, etc. - no one can build a 4G card that costs any less than an 8G. And who would pay the same price for half the capacity?

8GB card from Walmart is $9.20 - if you try to sell 4GB for $4.99, you lose money on every one (the materials, shipping etc. cost more than that). Unless you cut way back on quality control.

Thus messybeast is correct that there are dud cards out there - my local camera shop bought some 2nd-tier 4 gig SDHC cards for those users who (like you) didn't want 8 or 16, and half of them were squirrelly. The shop ended up keeping them only for in-store demo use, and threw them away as they failed, or locked up cameras, or whatever...

21st Jul 2016, 08:40
it probably wasn't the adaptor causing the issue, the camera managed to format the card and start the DCIM directory. It only started to show problems when trying to review the picture after the first shot. Error message "No Picture".

21st Jul 2016, 09:41
There is a limit on some cameras, GPS and other gadgets with regards the size of the SD cards they can use, that was written into the firmware during manufacture. It may even be related to the on-board CPU to keep track of the number of files on the card.

Tech Guy
21st Jul 2016, 11:40
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21st Jul 2016, 11:41
I would guess that 7dayshop.com will have what you need and there are some very knowledgeable staff there if you have to ask questions.

21st Jul 2016, 13:39
I have had a response from the Ricoh tech folk:

The maximum size of sd card tested with the camera is 8 GB
the 16 GB might work but it's not supported by us.
The software version upgrade will improve stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card but it won't increase the maximum card size.
The Sd card you should be lookinf for is a Sd card form Class 10 and up.

Kind regards,

So, now we know, sort of, possibly, may work!