View Full Version : Woman arrested for gun attack: she took a water pistol and squirted him with water

19th Jul 2016, 01:30
Florida Woman, 19, Arrested For Water Pistol Attack On Her Boyfriend | The Smoking Gun (http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/woman-arrested-for-water-gun-attack-576432)

19th Jul 2016, 01:36
her boyfriend (whom she has dated for a year) dumped a container of water on her

Concealed carry? Or open carry?

19th Jul 2016, 01:56
Well if it had been a garden hose she could have been charged with felony battery and what? A life sentence, maybe.

19th Jul 2016, 02:05
Three squirts with that hose and you're out for life, it sez 'ere in the baseball rulebook.

Live by the rules of baseball. Go to prison for life.

Life is so simple South of that line of Latitude.

19th Jul 2016, 09:29
Water Pistols are banned in Cleveland too, in the public streets outside the convention hall. Not so with loaded guns.

19th Jul 2016, 11:44
If you put some lead shot in the water canister, would the police release you from the choke-hold before you stop breathing?

19th Jul 2016, 12:51
Only if you offered them a dozen doughnuts first. It appears that the cops have lost their sense of humor. A bit more detail in the story:
... misdemeanor domestic violence after allegedly launching an unprovoked water pistol attack on her boyfriend, police report. ... During the ensuing confrontation, Borge added, her boyfriend (whom she has dated for a year) dumped a container of water on her and struck her with a pillow. The pair also reportedly exchanged shoves. That last sentence points to assault being potential charges as well.

The formal charge was basically "starting a fight" if you bother to read the article.
When my brother-in-law worked the domestic violence desk about ten years ago (the job he liked least as a cop) crazy crap like this was a weekly occurrence.