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15th Jul 2016, 05:14
Jetstar flight grounded: Hundreds of passengers stranded in Melbourne, Bangkok (http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/jetstar-flight-grounded-hundreds-of-passengers-stranded-in-melbourne-bangkok-20160714-gq63z7.html)

What happened there? More than a flat tyre by the sound of it?

Capt Claret
15th Jul 2016, 12:15
If the tyre was flat and there was no spare, then the reason for the delay would be a flat tyre. Wouldn't it?

tail wheel
15th Jul 2016, 21:54
"Hundreds of Jetstar passengers are stuck in both Melbourne and Bangkok after a plane was grounded for engineering checks."

Must be an awfully slow day at The Age??

Please assure me that every time an aircraft goes U/S somewhere we aren't going to see conspiratory stories in the media and PPRuNe?

16th Jul 2016, 02:20
Why bother to put this stuff on here? Aircraft have issues everyday around the World..

16th Jul 2016, 07:48
To be fair, when I'm a passenger "technical reasons" never quite sates my professional curiosity :)

That's why I generally try to give more details on the PA.

16th Jul 2016, 08:55
Looks like an a/c out for a few days. A SIN service pushed back almost 24 hours and numerous delayed services to other destinations.

16th Jul 2016, 10:54
FFS. Starting a thread from a published newspaper story (again) is an embarrassment to the idea of PPRUNE!!

Why not call this the PPRTTNAOTDN!!

(Professional Pilot Response To The News Arcticle Of The day Network.)

Yes I know. It's been awhile since a posted.

You wonder why? I'm seriously looking for relevance.

( except for advertising revenue)

19th Jul 2016, 01:41
A friend had her Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Hawaii and LA cancelled today, wonder is it's the same plane?

Would be interesting to know the cause of the fault.

19th Jul 2016, 01:45
Info from a contact - the aircraft in question has a fuel leak from the left hand wing. It requires tank entry to find the source.

19th Jul 2016, 11:01
Anyone know if Jetstar got the B787 operational again?

Once repaired a leaking petrol tank in an EH Holden using chewing gum, but guess that's not the best option here.

20th Jul 2016, 07:56
So now I know, thank you very much. Given the fright SQ recently had with a fuel leak, it's good they found this one before it became exciting or expensive (relatively...)

And thanks to *Lancer* also: I agree. If they had told the passengers at the time "There appears to be a problem with the fuel system in the left wing and the engineers are working on it" I suspect the incident would never have made it into the Age. Or PPruNe...