View Full Version : Anyone feeling seriously flush, the ultimate flight experience

13th Jul 2016, 21:33
I can't think of anything that would top this.

Fly the Martin Mars! The Ultimate Experience Aircraft Familiarization Course (http://www.ultimateflyingexperience.com/)

13th Jul 2016, 21:38
I'd be pleased just to see and hear the beauty flying...

13th Jul 2016, 22:15
The last thing I'd expect to find on Mars would be flatscreens.


That gig is now on my bucket list. Right after a Spitfire trip, just before a Virgin Voyager one.

What a ship!

14th Jul 2016, 00:37
I saw the aircraft last summer up on Vancouver Island. Sadly, not flying that day, but it looks magnificent.

It's less than a day's drive from me. If you lot will chip in, say 25 of you at a grand each, I'll take the course and report back here to you!

14th Jul 2016, 03:50
Afraid I question "ultimate". It looks like a fun experience, and perhaps similar to those pre-9/11 days when you could get stick time on a B-17 for a fee.

But if we are talking about "ultimate" [but not on the space station or beyond], I would guess the Russians have it if they are still selling MIG rides. I think they were several times mach and up to 70,000 feet or more.

Until the crash of ZU-BEX, Mike Beachyhead down in Capetown had a pretty ultimate bunch of flight experiences as well. Mine took me to 62,000 feet in just a matter of minutes.

14th Jul 2016, 06:05

get yourself over to EAA Oshkosh as it is due to appear there in a few days time.

14th Jul 2016, 08:10
I would if I could... :{

14th Jul 2016, 11:37
I would cherish an afternoon in a DH Tiger Moth....:ok:

14th Jul 2016, 12:27
Peter-RB.....Tiger moth, sir?? Try these people...

Our Tiger Moth - Fly a classic Tiger Moth (http://www.flytigermoth.com/our-tiger-moth.html)

No connection...other than being in it when Robin force landed it with engine failure in 1972....!!

14th Jul 2016, 14:27
Or, enter the draw for a flight in the Lancaster @ Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Canadian Aviation History | Wartime Vintage Aircraft (http://www.warplane.com/)

Entry form here:
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum - Canadian Aviation History | Wartime Vintage Aircraft (http://www.warplane.com/Contest/DesktopModules/ContestEntryForm.aspx?contestid=1)

14th Jul 2016, 16:26
Thanks, Mugruncher! :ok:

Reminds me to get a Lotto ticket tomorrow. First port of call would be the English Electric Lightnings in S/Africa tho', followed by 1st Class return via Sproat Lake.

14th Jul 2016, 22:27
Peter-RB you can do the dams run too in a Tigger, see


No connection, just pointing out.

There are quite a few doing trips, see


15th Jul 2016, 02:30
I sooooooo would . . . F-4
VMF Flight Experiences and Flight Training Programs - The Collings Foundation (http://www.collingsfoundation.org/vmf-flight-experiences-flight-training-programs/)

Just need my bank balance to agree to my demands! :{

16th Jul 2016, 03:13
My daughter reckons she'll start dropping hints to her hubby about the Mars.