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12th Jul 2016, 17:17
A Synagogue perhaps.....?

A LGBT meeting place....?

Austria's New Presidential Palace.....? :E

Answers on a postcard please. :ok:


12th Jul 2016, 17:40
Jewish deli!

tony draper
12th Jul 2016, 17:44
It's in Europe,buggah all to do with us now.:rolleyes:

12th Jul 2016, 18:07
Rip it down and build a mosque.

On condition that the Imam allows at least one performance per year of one of the Wagner Ring things.

12th Jul 2016, 18:15
Hitler's Munich residence, at 22 Bogenhausen has been turned into a police station.

Here's war correspondent and artist Lee Miller soaking in the Fuhrer's bath tub, in that house just before VE day.

12th Jul 2016, 18:32
Whatever they do, the site will still attract the nutters. You can't erase geography.

12th Jul 2016, 18:35
Braunau am Inn to Linz is quite a long way.

How about building a Polish Consulate on the site?

12th Jul 2016, 19:09
It's in Europe,buggah all to do with us now.:rolleyes:

He was keen enough for us to be part of it back then....

Curious Pax
12th Jul 2016, 19:15
Mis read the title - thought it was about Hector's House! Showing my age again.....

12th Jul 2016, 22:55

Sue VÍtements
12th Jul 2016, 23:08
The thought of bathing in Hitler's bathroom :ooh: you'd think twice before turning on the shower :eek:

That's not even funny :(

13th Jul 2016, 00:20
A vegetarian restaurant?

13th Jul 2016, 01:25
World Heritage Site

Even the humblest beginnings are no barrier to success in a unified Europe.

13th Jul 2016, 05:45
If 22 Bogenhausen has become a police station then wouldn't Salzburger Vorstadt 15 make an excellent mortuary?

13th Jul 2016, 06:23
New kitchen and bathroom, magnolia throughout!

13th Jul 2016, 07:25
New kitchen and bathroom, magnolia throughout!

........and IKEA furniture throughout. Herr Kamprad (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-14661582) would be so proud!

13th Jul 2016, 07:32
Make it European Reichs "Downing Street 10" for Angela Merkels next election period and she moves in on February 20th 2018 to celebrate the day she is longer in office as Chancellor of Germany ... ?

Captain Dart
13th Jul 2016, 10:29
Are the lampshades original?

13th Jul 2016, 10:52
My friend Martin Bergmann asks if the bathroom toys are still there; that is to say, the Bismarck, Tirpitz and the inflatable Marlene........

13th Jul 2016, 12:18
Are the lampshades original?
Who cares? It's no skin off my nose.

13th Jul 2016, 12:29
There are two beautiful lampshades in the library at Hearst Castle made from kids' skin. This has caused much anxiety among certain groups of tourists to William Randolph's home. The lampshades depict the musical annotation for a Gregorian chant.

13th Jul 2016, 13:17
A museum dedicated to this chap would be an appropriate rendition.


13th Jul 2016, 13:33
There are two beautiful lampshades in the library at Hearst Castle made from kids' skin

They're goyim. Nothing to be seen. Move along.

13th Jul 2016, 13:34
Who cares? It's no skin off my nose.

You're not the Messiah. You're just a very naughty boy!

13th Jul 2016, 16:19
Naughty Nazi fancy dress parties.

13th Jul 2016, 20:31
Weekend holiday retreat for the Duke of Kent and other members of the Royal family?

13th Jul 2016, 21:20

Princess Heinkle of Kent might have worn ski boots in the bathroom in May, but she knew better than to turn on the shower.

13th Jul 2016, 21:26
Nail salon.

14th Jul 2016, 10:04
Retirement home.......
for Len McClusky( play on the Sky as in Trotsky Eh..!) and Comrade Corblimey, it would jar on Hitler's followers that two Comunista were living there, so all round it would be a win win situation ..peeing many bad boys off!!....:ok:

14th Jul 2016, 14:09
RAF recruitment station.

14th Jul 2016, 14:17
It's unfortunate for the innocent owners but anywhere else would likely have wrecking balled it down long ago and built a nice parking lot.

14th Jul 2016, 14:58
The place never was Hitler's although he was born there. Perhaps the place would be suited to the operation of one of those clever ancestral DNA testing laboratories. If Norbert Hofer wins the October election then all immigrants' samples taken from immigrants could be processed through this laboratory in an act of great genetic irony.

14th Jul 2016, 16:30
If Norbert Hofer wins the October election then all immigrants' samples taken from immigrants could be processed through this laboratory in an act of great genetic irony.

Many a true word oft spoken in jest.

15th Jul 2016, 08:15
How about a huge, animated display showing where the DNA of people in that part of Austria originally came from?:E

15th Jul 2016, 11:34
Arnold's Children.

They'll be Back!

18th Oct 2016, 05:26
Austria Decides to Tear Hitler's House Down (http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/10/17/498293151/austria-decides-to-tear-hitlers-house-down)

The Austrian government says it plans to tear down the house where Adolf Hitler was born to prevent the property from being a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis.

This comes after a long fight with the current owner, who for years has rejected the government's attempts to purchase the property located in Braunau, near the German border. Now, the government intends to confiscate it, reporter Kerry Skyring in Vienna tells our Newscast unit.

As Skyring reports, the Interior Ministry says that "only the foundations will remain and upon them government offices or a community center will be erected." He adds that it's meant to eliminate any association with Hitler.

"Neo-Nazis sometimes gather outside the yellow three-story structure," Skyring says.

A memorial stone outside the house does not mention Hitler's name; instead, it reads "For Peace, Freedom and Democracy" and "Never Again Fascism."

18th Oct 2016, 12:38
Hitler birthplace: Austrian minister retreats on demolition (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-37690981).

19th Oct 2016, 06:25
Interesting development, G-CPTN as is the reasoning behind the decision.

"We clearly stated that a demolition would come close to a denial of the Nazi history in Austria."

Effluent Man
19th Oct 2016, 10:52
I detest these attempts to erase the parts of history that don't sit well with modern ideas. Although these places have potential to attract nutters they are probably more likely to attract the interest of serious historians.

Random SLF
19th Oct 2016, 11:52
If we can do it, so can they:

Jimmy Savile's Roundhay Park penthouse flat demolished - BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-37696898)

19th Oct 2016, 16:28
Do what Gloucester City Council did with the house of Fred & Rose West.

19th Oct 2016, 21:55
Is this place in question? :}


20th Oct 2016, 08:25
Captain Dart ,did you really mean to say that?