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Uncle Fred
12th Jul 2016, 02:31
Just caught up with the four episodes of Season 3 and thought they were very well acted....In fact the Mrs. seems keen to always comment on Shaun Evans.

I have to say though that I have a bit of a struggle keeping up with the plot lines and how they are solved. No problems with the historical or linguistic references but there has not been a one that I did not have to rely on the Mrs. to help me keep pace of where the story was going.

Glad to hear that a Season 4 will be in the offing. Just wish they would slow it down a bit for those like me who are not quite so quick off the mark in unraveling these stories.

Anyone else in the same boat?

Effluent Man
12th Jul 2016, 07:28
Roger Allam is excellent as usual as Inspector Thursday. I always enjoy anything that he appears in.

12th Jul 2016, 08:37
Roger Allam is excellent as usual as Inspector Thursday. I always enjoy anything that he appears in.

+1. My absolutely favourite line of his, when Morse had been given a beating by 2 neighbouring detectives for 'interfering'...

Fred: Keep away from Morse.
Detectives: And what if we don't?
Fred: Well then, I should have to take my hat off, shouldn't I!

Followed by him (off screen) beating both of them up! Classic.


12th Jul 2016, 09:16
Roger Allam saves this series. Nothing against Shaun Evans, he has to act the script he is given, as directed, but playing an unlikable, introverted prig cant be easy!

Love the Mk 1 Jag, too, I used to drive one of those in Hong Kong.

12th Jul 2016, 09:50
Personally I think it's gone downhill in series 3. Morse is supposed to be a cerebral character; introverted and probably asbergic. In the original pilot they really captured this well, and the first series had the same deft touch. But in series 2 they started introducing more "cops & robbers action" stuff, and in series 3 it got rather silly IMHO.

They're also trying to show Jim Strange as his friend and fellow constable who then becomes the Chief Superintendent in the original Morse series (probably as a result of joining the masons, as that seems to be the primary story-arc). But it overlooks the detail that in the original series Chief Superintendent Strange is a former Naval Officer and submariner (possibly even a former submarine captain as hinted in one story) who joined the police as a "direct entry Inspector*" after leaving the navy. This is referred to in a couple of the stories, and Strange's office has numerous plaques and submarine models.

Perhaps I'm taking this too seriously - some people seem to think it's fiction rather than a documentary...



* The police don't have "direct entry officers", but they have occasionally run schemes where suitable "high-flyer candidates" get an enhanced training at Hendon followed by a highly compressed year as a Constable and Sargent before talking up their Inspector role and rank.

12th Jul 2016, 10:04
Having said all that, I did enjoy the introduction of the WPC Shirley Trewlove character to give him someone to share ideas with. When she appeared it she looked familiar, but I couldn't place her for over an hour before the penny dropped, and I realised she was Dakota Blue Richards - who as a child had played the lead role in The Golden Compass (a potentially good film series doomed by the ravings of the american religious right).


Uncle Fred
12th Jul 2016, 16:01
Excellent point about the cops and robbers stuff. In this series I much prefer the cerebral side. They did seem to be larding it on rather heavily in season 3.

As for the acting, I enjoy Anton Lesser's interpretation of Chief Superintendent Bright. His work is, no pun intended, a bright spot in this season. His skill in the role has allowed a bit of a peak behind the mask. Who has not worked for such a person? Good stuff here.

...and the gent that plays the coroner is well suited to the role as well.

As for Dakota Blue Phillips. Who said that angels do not walk among us?!!

12th Jul 2016, 16:11
Since Endeavour had a classical education and was very precise with details, I'm sure he would have corrected anyone mis-spelling his name as written in the title above.

12th Jul 2016, 16:11
Oh yes, and absolutely agree about Anton Lesser. It's a lovely nuanced portrayal of a fundamentally well-intended man trapped between his ideals and the demands of his superiors, who hates himself for letting the latter prevail.

I also love the moments where the audience were wrong-footed when they discover that Fred Thursday (who we presume to be a non-academic thicko in the shade of Morse's Oxford Greats scholarship) speaks fluent german, and then they do it do us again in a later episode when we discover he also has fluent italian...


12th Jul 2016, 16:50
Perhaps I'm taking this too seriously - some people seem to think it's fiction rather than a documentary...

Many years ago a chum of mine who was an inspector in the Met at the time met Colin Dexter who wrote the original books and he admitted he had never been inside a police station and basically hadn't a clue how a real criminal investigation worked. This series is possibly a little more true to life, but the later Morse stories were really just Sherlock Holmes with Jaguars instead of Hansom cabs.

If you read the novels, the characters are quite a bit different from those portrayed on the screen. One thing, Morse has a thing about soft-porn, and sneaks his copy of Penthouse into his copy of The Observer on the way back from the paper shop. Also visits Soho strip clubs (all in the line of duty of course!)

12th Jul 2016, 18:05
Anyone else in the same boat?

US TV is nearly unwatchable these days; about all my wife & I enjoy are the Turner Classics.

We discovered Endeavour a few weeks ago on the Public Broadcast station. I would tend to agree that the current plot-lines are somewhat convoluted and confusing (especially after a couple of beers). I recorded the episode a few weeks ago about the magician and his twin sons and had to re-watch the last 20 minutes or so to figure out what exactly happened....and I'm still not totally sure. Since then, they've gotten slightly less confusing however.

Don't laugh, but for less demanding, not so cerebral entertainment for us Okies, we prefer DCI Barnaby....

....and our favorites of course are Angel & Butterman.

12th Jul 2016, 19:48
If you like an un PC laugh, Life on Mars is worth watching.

tony draper
12th Jul 2016, 20:49
Morse itself was well done but the plots were a bit silly if you thought about them,we made some fair cop or crime dramas, the original 'Prime Suspect' not the follow ons,Ken Stotts 'Rebus',and a few others but most are all pretty naff, I prefer the quality American ones 'The Wire' 'The Shield' 'Justified'