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10th Jul 2016, 02:20
I have been advised that either tonight (10th) or tomorrow night on ABC news there may be a story that will have serious ramifications regarding PNG politically and the possible aftermath if unsuccessful.

Centres around an attempt to remove the Prime Minister from office.

10th Jul 2016, 02:41
...here we go again...

10th Jul 2016, 03:48
What !? The ABC attempting yet another sensationalist hatchet job on PNG and its politicians ?? Yawn.......
Coming from a country where certifiable loonies like Pauline Hanson and Bob Catter might soon actually have a say about what goes on, that's a bit rich

10th Jul 2016, 04:29
Bird of Paradise man

Pretty sure those Pollies from PNG could teach the Aussie ones a trick or two.

One former PM and family have a reported net worth of $USD1.5 BILLION. Pretty sure that most of the other X PM's would be up there. :ok:

Not bad for a country where the min and general salary workers salary is PGK 3.00 ($AUD 1.25) per hour.

Now that is a bit rich!!!

(BTW, it is spelt K-A-T-T-E-R)

Pinky the pilot
10th Jul 2016, 05:39
I still wonder just how that Country has managed to stagger on this long, given that way back in 1990 we were all once warned not to go out on a certain Friday night as there was going to be a Military Coup de Etat that evening!:eek:

Of course it didn`t happen. Maybe it should have!!:ooh:

Anyway; Tailwheel knows more about that particular incident. It really was going to happen apparently, but only averted at the last moment.

10th Jul 2016, 07:53
The South Pacific delivery truck turned up at the Officers Mess, did it, Pinky?

Duck Pilot
10th Jul 2016, 10:47
Logohu has a very valid point!

Pinky the pilot
10th Jul 2016, 11:50
Stanwell; That would not have surprised me a bit back then!:D

Actually back in `90, SP Beweries used to make the Filipino San Miguel under licence and most of us drank that in preference!:ok:

Only SP Beer I liked was the `long neck`stuff. The ordinary SP used to give most of us the s***s...... literally!:eek:

Ahhh, those were the days; Black Label Johnny Walker at K2.20 a shot at the Club Dero!:ooh::ok:

Now langtaim gone.:{:{

10th Jul 2016, 22:50
PNG workers threaten strike action unless Prime Minister Peter O'Neill resigns - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-11/png-workers-threaten-to-go-on-strike-unless-pm-resigns/7584710)


tail wheel
11th Jul 2016, 04:14
Anyway; Tailwheel knows more about that particular incident. It really was going to happen apparently, but only averted at the last moment.

I departed the Land of the Unexpected in 1985 so don't know about a 1990 Coup. 23 years was long enough....... But I recall an earlier attempted Coup in the 1980s headed by a PNG Brigadier General, head of the PNGDF, who later became a politician with a healthy Bank account.

There was another planned Coup in January 2012, but I think it was too late in the afternoon and the military wandered off, some to top up their alcohol levels, the others to commence their night shift as Raskols.

Maisk Rotum
12th Jul 2016, 21:49
A certain gentleman cited in one of the articles got lost and landed at the wrong airstrip when dispatched from POM to Tari on his first unsupervised commercial flight back in 1989.

How can one pilot ground all flights from Moresby Lae and Hagen?????

tail wheel
12th Jul 2016, 22:11
So, did PNG come to a stand still this morning??

12th Jul 2016, 23:54
Business as usual today, no surprise there!

13th Jul 2016, 10:34
A certain gentleman cited in one of the articles....

Not sure if the same one, but one of the leaders from the "Aviation side" has not worked for ANG for many years...presently flying in China.

But decent enough chap...hopefully he can be a little more concerning of his country men than some have done.

PNG LOOP, http://http://www.looppng.com/content/most-air-niugini-flights-cancelled-grounded-today is reporting that there were some cancellations....but who can say if that was due to this or just ops normal for PX...