View Full Version : A bit of a logical leap

Sue VÍtements
1st Jul 2016, 11:49
This just in from Netflix

Your price is changing soon.

As of July 22, your price will be $9.99/month. This means more of the shows and
movies you love-like Orange is the New Black and Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Nice try, but what it really means of course is that more money will be removed from my bank account, and more money will be going into their bank account ... unless of course people start cancelling their subscriptions - like they did the last time they tried this.

And who wrote this? For a customer wide notification, it's a fairly poor effort.

2nd Jul 2016, 14:52
Want to join the suit? :)

A Dissatisfied User Is Suing Netflix -- Vulture (http://www.vulture.com/2016/06/dissatisfied-user-is-suing-netflix.html)