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Windy Militant
30th Jun 2016, 22:11
Due to all nonsense on Telly at the moment I wasn't really paying attention when I heard them mention insertion at 22000 Mph.
After a few moments flinching and squirming :eek:
I realised they were talking about Asteroids not Haemorrhoids! :O

It seems that today is the Centenary of the Tunguska event and it has been chosen to raise awareness of the menace that Near Earth Asteroids pose to life on earth and to try and get Governments to spend some money on a defence system against them.

30th Jun 2016, 22:20
The Tunguska impactor was actually a huge piece of best rump-steak.

It was meaty all right!

(Adapted from I.S.I.R.T.A).

Loose rivets
30th Jun 2016, 23:38
Now, where are my ISIRTA tapes?

Windy Militant
1st Jul 2016, 16:56
Foot in mouth award, the Tunguska event was in 1908 so it was an anniversary not a centenary. Should have paid more attention. :\

Mostly Harmless
1st Jul 2016, 19:58
Was Asteroid Day a big hit?

1st Jul 2016, 20:46
Was Asteroid Day a big hit?

When it first came out it fell flat.

Folks today are waiting for a rerun to hit the streets

Ascend Charlie
2nd Jul 2016, 00:19
Isn't a big rock event planned for the anniversary?