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29th Jun 2016, 16:30

Do you sail? Do you race? Do you race inshore, offshore across oceans? If you do any of these things in reality, OR have done so in the past and hanker for more such adventuring, why not try Sailonline's (http://www.sailonline.org/)armchair equivalent.

The most realistic wind sailing navsim online - despite its somewhat old-fashioned UI - Sailonline takes you, in partnernship with many real yacht clubs/racing organisations (buddied races) or just through own-design courses, to pretty much every corner of the globe.

If you wish to learn how to use a sailing router, or even just the basics of sailing navigation for FREE ... then come and join in.

As an added element of fun, you can announce your participation in ocean races, and race as a member of the PPRuNe Flotilla - all very ad hoc and informal, but if you search this platform for Sailonline, you'll get a sense of the cameraderie that persists there if you wear a PRU_ prefix to your name!

NOW is the time to sign up to Sailonline and register in the first leg of the four-leg Round the World Race 2016 - here is it's info:

RTWR 2016 - Leg 1 - Southampton to Uruguay

Sailonline is delighted to offer our sailors a reverse course before doing it the ‘usual’ way. This is leg one of a four race series, with no discards, to get us back to Europe in time for the big one.
Race #948

INFO (http://sol.brainaid.de/notice/notice_948.html) from brainaid.de
VO70 Boat Info (http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2014/03/18/VO70v4_INFO.pdf)
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC - SUPSOL - OCQ3 - OCCH - RTWR
PRIZE: SMPF (http://www.sailonline.org/board/thread/13921/2016-smpf-scheme/?page=1)

Registration for this race opened this morning so let's get registered and practising!

PPRuNe Name ................ SOL Boatname

beaufort ........................... beaufort1
Blink182 ........................... golfsierrakilo
brockenspectre .................. RainbowChaser
Cazalet33 ......................... Whaler
Gordy .............................. MerryTime
India Four Two .................. Miss_Saigon
reflex ------------------------- reflex
SMT Member .................... VikingAhoy
steve757 .......................... truckie
Wodrick ............................ lyric

Definitely time to spread the word! :ok:

If you wish to join in, please just announce your registered Sailonline username (boatname) in this thread and I, as a volunteer Admin in Sailonline, will add PRU_ to your boatname.

This prefix has no impact on your username/boatname which will remain un-PRU-ed .... and, of course, as your password is encrypted, that will not be affected either.

Tell everyone you know, old or young, who might like to try their hand at this - with wind forecasts from NOAA updating 4x a day and being released into the game every 10mins, this is the closest to realistic sailing windnav you are going to find!


http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2016/04/20/SOL_BUT.png (http://www.sailonline.org/)

3rd Jul 2016, 17:02
The race has been open for practice for a couple of days and folks are making best use of it!


Anyone else joining in?

India Four Two
3rd Jul 2016, 19:45
Hi RC,

Just pointing out a minor error in your post announcing the race. ;)

You clipped off the start details: 5 June 1000Z.

with wind forecasts ... being released into the game every 10mins,

I wasn't aware of this. Can you clarify?

4th Jul 2016, 22:01
Reflex has registered - just got to remember to start!

4th Jul 2016, 23:25
just got to remember to start!
You can do this automatically, just set your course for the start and in the delay box type "Start" even works if you are asleep.

5th Jul 2016, 16:30
Reflex....Were off....I guess you forgot to start huh?

All is not lost, you can catch up....

5th Jul 2016, 22:46
Whaler started three hours late, but I really don't think that will make any difference by the time we get to Punta del Este or wherever we're going.

Not sure that it's such a good idea to include Whaler in the squadron's batting average, but if the Commodore wishes to do so, then she has my salute.

I don't do that software prediction thing. Not clever enough. I'll just bimble along and enjoy the sunshine and try to conserve the gin supply, at least until the sun reverses direction across the sky.

India Four Two
6th Jul 2016, 00:02
Damn! Set a good DC two hours before the start and then forgot to check when I woke up.

Just discovered I was aground at Roscoff! Not too much ground lost though. 0:18 behind the leader.

Caz, the sun is ALWAYS over the yard arm somewhere. ;)

6th Jul 2016, 00:08
I see Truckie ran aground also, set course to get out but I suspect has now forgotten to turn back the right way.

6th Jul 2016, 00:14
Caz, the sun is ALWAYS over the yard arm somewhere.

I'm looking! I'm looking!

7th Jul 2016, 14:47
Clearly I forgot to set a delayed command and now find myself further West than I wanted to be..... Coming back....

17th Jul 2016, 14:24
IndiaFourTwo Re WX ... this is how Sailonline's weather has always worked.

Four times a day the current 7-day forecast GRIBs produced by NOAA are auto-sent to Sailonline's server. The server divides the gribs into the weather systems (by lat/lon coords) that we have set up. Then the WX Update "arrives" (with the wind-rushing sound if you have that activated).

The first hour of wx is "smoothed" so that any significant changes between the preceding grib and the new one doesn't create a cliff or drop in course-planning.

All wx is drip-fed into Sailonline in 10min pieces.. which is why if you use the WX slider (wee triangle icon along the ruler at the bottom of the race screen) you can quickly see where windholes are emerging over the forecast period, or storms are a-brewing.

If you look in the Sailonline Manual (http://www.sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2014/05/02/sailonline_manual_AUGUST2012.pdf) you'll see this info in more detail (Y)

17th Jul 2016, 15:30
Here we all are - this pic shows us in relation to the usual suspects currently in Podium positions!


Some of us are doing better than others :ok:

17th Jul 2016, 17:23
Whaler made an inexplicable visit to Cadiz. No idea why.

17th Jul 2016, 17:32
And "Lyric" was fortunate to get round the Cape Verde Islands afore the blue arrived.

28th Jul 2016, 17:57
Well I finally finished 104th......Shout out to those still in the race.


India Four Two
29th Jul 2016, 22:18
Miss_Saigon is still struggling to make the finish line. I haven't been paying as much attention as I should. I've been a bit distracted- I'm at Oshkosh! :ok:

Right now, I'm at the EAA seaplane base on Lake Winnebago. Just watched the Mars takeoff and return. Saw Harrison Ford get off and then the Mars took off again to do a water drop at the airshow. Later it will be doing a drop in the bay, 600' from the shore.

29th Jul 2016, 22:35
I worked with the Martin Mars on the San Diego fires back in the fall of 07 and again on the Northern California fires in 08. The thing is impressive.

India Four Two
30th Jul 2016, 03:47

Saw Hawaii Mars do a low pass and a pickup before heading off to the airfield for a display. Then waited three hours for the demonstration at the seaplane base. She took off, picked up water and then disappeared.

We heard after a short while that she had shut down No. 4 after a bird strike, dumped the load, landed and was taxying back.

As you say, impressive. It not often you see a 747-sized aircraft operating at tree-top height.

30th Jul 2016, 18:52
Yep....it is pretty cool. I took this right before it dropped on the San Diego fires in 07.


I am signed up for the tall ship race starting tomorrow----Is anyone else in?

30th Jul 2016, 19:12
Yes in, don't care for it much though.
There is a video of the Martin at Oskosh 2016 on YT

31st Jul 2016, 19:03
I count four of us doing the Tall Ships, fair winds all (although it looks like a long drag)

31st Jul 2016, 20:58
it looks like a long drag

Yes it does at 3.71kts........

2nd Aug 2016, 18:13
Apologies for absence folks.. but at least it included some neuro rehab so now I walk with two trekking poles instead of one stick! Alleged progress.. think "symmetry" :-D

I won't get to the end of Leg 1 of the RTWR before it closes tonight utc-time, but here are our rankings:


Many congratulations to those who, unlike me, didn't try to strike out in a unique direction :ok:

India Four Two
2nd Aug 2016, 21:39
Congratulations to Wodrick on steering lyric to a very commendable finish. :D

5th Aug 2016, 17:14
Gracias kind sir, seems to me that being in the right area early on dictates your whole race. Current epic excepted, what a marathon.

India Four Two
28th Aug 2016, 02:56
Can someone remind me where to look on the sailonline website to find the date of the next leg?

28th Aug 2016, 11:58
Of what please?

Actually From the Calendar it looks like Beru to Bora Bora 11th Sept, but being the ace navigator I am I am at a loss to locate Beru.

India Four Two
28th Aug 2016, 16:51
No, I was looking for RTWR Leg 2.

I finally found the Calendar, buried under Links, but there is no Q4 calendar yet.

So does anyone know the Leg 2 ETD?

28th Aug 2016, 16:59
I42 gonna have to wake Brockie up ! she will pass by I suppose.

1st Oct 2016, 10:44
AHOY ALL! Leg 2 of this brilliant round-the-world race is starting tomorrow so... here's the info:

RTWR 2016 - Leg 2 - Uruguay to New Zealand

The second leg of Sailonline's wrong-way Round the World Race 2016 sees the fleet navigating its way from Punta del Este,Uruguay, down the South Atlantic and across the Pacific to Auckland, New Zealand. For your transit from ocean-to-ocean you may leave Tierra del Fuego to port or to starboard, as you please.
Race #972

Chart and Info: RTWR 2016 - Leg 2 - Uruguay to New Zealand (5714nm) (http://sol.brainaid.de/notice/notice_972.html) from brainaid.de
VO70 Particulars (http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2016/09/09/VO70_v4_Particulars.pdf)
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC - SUPSOL - OCQ4 - OCCH - RTWR
PRIZE: SMPF (http://www.sailonline.org/board/thread/13921/2016-smpf-scheme/?page=1)

Look forward to seeing you at the start! :ok:

I shall be looking out for the usual suspects but if, for some reason, you find yourself without the PRU_ prefix just holler here or in race-chat! :-D

India Four Two
2nd Oct 2016, 14:09
We're off!

Hey truckie, lyric and RC,

Is there a canal through the Andes that I don't know about? ;)

2nd Oct 2016, 14:43
It's Qt's idea belt off towards the coast and turn to port shortly trying to avoid the blue bits, I sort of follow the idea so went broadly along with it. Opinion seems split, we will see.

We must tell that Viking how not to miss the start.

India Four Two
2nd Oct 2016, 14:58

Yes, I wondered about that. Brave move!

I'm eye-balling it until Tierra Del Fuego. I've just had my moment of fame:

9th Oct 2016, 12:07
Here we all are.... I'll try and make a flotilla pic on-chart later when we have daylight in the race:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/wHOKZ2tSCveLzB1R7n8an0UltoT7616JBNrEwHpfC3jETEBaifNKXSXobk8j ZnqHM-AexPhUscp5JgBcybz1Do3CIzyf-5RoA24HZwzt1TtZYrvR-yu4jif7H063827htnmRmiVAdYJ5Z8txQ1DOqT6q0kflTA57GzoO0gPw6nFtV v71M4fPZ3ubsKxGxBVLRVo4U9OPbTvw8t5INTMFIMIcSisI6EUJLlf6bHImU VfJhlz-ez2k4NPx6OFtnc2J-ieVmqRarxB_lnauoU-E4WtpRvuM8-D3ir09di8TzVA74dQ2akXPbTsCHIsASpl5LNAPV_kKH3bOQ9RFVDG762yqNm T4MxU66ovRJEgLFNy7qrjp5AZEqIFHw3_PX6N0G5H5O2n9K03DVFEBnqHAkP UqmFGyfQuZ7Quf33Ze1KVPsHnwqKhIqBvYpr3fEKIUg2_Yh2t9Lu0RV0qo4O rb86sAuOegEpuNGmIsEqRF_6UQX7Lke3MRoJqalSslv_pvi6dXZbdl6S8Tv9 T4Yg-Ya_W-peEBG1BzbUwEuQEL-GJlZMPSsfCYeCdQwE_lk07j1dcoM-mEII0LLjLJ4uqFnA-kJ1cKGDmR17JnqUEFJ6AmKr_i=w282-h252-no

Some of us are taking more scenic routes than others, it would seem :E

India Four Two
10th Oct 2016, 08:26
Yes, I narrowly avoiding beaching on King George Island! Home to Macchu Pichu Base, among others.

Working for a living really interferes with my hobbies.;)

15th Oct 2016, 20:40
Here we all are!

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iQsSFz0dLTLzsDPV4rfdgwu0ftsVlwjkBmu_vJDsbby-OyvV_Op7A-DQz3LpAm7nI-gY8js3FDeCo_VIjkMJJ3Ino8bfilOHxSBV75rS386O3lS14r_0UD7KJmeRZW GfRMBgqeP0OmFPvH1XCkF_conoRe2EAP1ClJWJQZI_iC6qvdpBjE4Q3Atb94 ntIDTTjVfcK1uEkCbAtiAvxanxhK9Zo8Q0k1inZdcLgm5mlrBJL6GqKVQNNc lcbwcdypXcvJT_dKJGM9nqq8Jlo0IBFpdm0OuIUL21M2FZs6qU-ZII_xvxHWgtw424kkuWWDBP6tVjaiLKBdiNRYRwxo8mCFYRmYdTjOTW6XzQT nfH-d50Gp2XJ0PjQOgWPCwtUDa1zhz2E3tldkGmvD92oBsVHxtL72e9rcKuB9K1S gTtbsuZVVUX9k7_JxgSc6s3g7OsG4W6dhUvnxd21g2cuD50xtmxtz3Yj2il1 1KpDm0Q1NS7JBRUC8chwa7uqebeynTspkUfehYXHYzf2yejlyKlTEKiD2cFQ q1RdA2g1e3Al5THJOCZvOE28ya0WXJg9UonkgukB9QCOKUeGqT5gzGlGZkK8 5eBjyNUElf1YRC__LxGRa4t=w862-h646-no?.jpg


IndiaFourTwo - how did you add the thumbnail? I've just had to trawl for a giant, clonky, umpteen-lined url from Google Photos (successor to Picasaweb)....

India Four Two
16th Oct 2016, 11:45
It's a newish feature. Click the paper clip icon, then click Browse, select the file and click Upload

22nd Oct 2016, 13:22
Congrats to the first three 'home' hard work that was.

30th Oct 2016, 16:49
aaaaaaaaand here are our final placings (this leg closes this evening)... BRAVO everyone.. we all made it!


The next leg of the Round The World won't be until next quarter, but our beloved Christmas to Christmas is in the December slot - this time starting on 3 December at 2000utc. I'll start a new thread for it nearer to the time :-)

26th Jan 2017, 18:58
AHOY ALL! Leg 3 of the wrong-way round the world race RTWR is now open for pre-race practice. Hope you are all well-rested and.. are ready to rock n' roll from Auckland, New Zealand to Cape Town, S Africa!

RTWR 2016 - Leg 3 - Auckland to Cape Town

START: 1 February, 2017 at 1000utc

The third leg of Sailonline's wrong-way Round the World Race 2016 sees the fleet meeting head-on the challenge of the Southern Oceans in a truly tough leg from Auckland, New Zealand, to Cape Town, South Africa.
Race #1003
INFO (http://sol.brainaid.de/notice/notice_1003.html) from brainaid.de
VO70 Particulars (http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2016/09/09/VO70_v4_Particulars.pdf)
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230

I shall look for the usual suspects registering in the race.

If anyone else would like to join in, just post here and you will be added!

26th Jan 2017, 19:00
Wodrick - Lyric.
Already signed up, not looking easy though..........

29th Jan 2017, 12:56
I'm in! Do like these longer races over the short stuff

29th Jan 2017, 20:13
I'm in: "MerryTime".


India Four Two
30th Jan 2017, 05:32
Miss_Saigon is on the start line.

1st Feb 2017, 10:12
Fair winds to all who have started Leg 3!

It's not to late to join this race - registration for it will remain open for quite some time - and it would be great to see more (virtual) sailors from PPRuNe joining in.

Sailonline has a quarterly calendar published in advance so if you can't make this ocean race, there's plenty for you to try out!

http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2016/12/15/2017_Q1_BUT_2.png (http://sailonline.org/board/thread/14774/2017-race-calendar-q1/?page=1)

http://sailonline.org/static/var/sphene/sphwiki/attachment/2016/04/20/SOL_BUT.png (http://www.sailonline.org/)

5th Feb 2017, 15:38
Here is our current ranking after two legs:


22nd Feb 2017, 09:32
Quite a good inter pru fleet battle going on at present, I've had to whip the crew, make 'em work harder.

India Four Two
23rd Feb 2017, 17:11
I'm making a valiant effort to defend last place in the fleet! ;)


I'm still unable to see your pictures.

23rd Feb 2017, 17:36
Keep up the good work I42

Me too Brockie

India Four Two
25th Feb 2017, 20:33
Whoopee! I'm no longer Tail-end Charlie.

Wodrick is stuck in the blue and has taken over the Fraser-Nash rear-turret. ;)

25th Feb 2017, 20:38
Wodrick (Lyric) is about to finish

India Four Two
26th Feb 2017, 02:32
Ah yes! :uhoh:

lyric, reflex. The spelling is very similar. An easy mistake to make! ;)

26th Feb 2017, 07:26
True, I wondered what you were on about :)

20th Apr 2017, 10:38
Here are our current rankings in the series...

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/fV8p0rqxhd-NIvy95s4_EcPYxIp2bWHjwG7AcpCgzfXkmooqBNm1ZgNbydiWb2s70SEDEt1 9WNgajQ=w493-h275-rw


Here we are today:


We can at least see the images with the workround I have found but the quality is shocking - not at all what I have uploaded... guess Google is trying to force one into only sharing images via its system!

Here's a giant url/image ... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/UC-3Ubl5vOuhBpd8dc6z1GTVXJjIWY2GrxkDMxtCObNi6I5m6_R9L4217LhutGE tHgxhqNDA--Qvbis1k3eMDybFfSTbosZ6Us3h8BxDtZxJVb4oByqo1rxExW6ryFjppO9z1E oTTeTviRX_IpdbggG3hsHxCO7MeRWDjH9UwDi-2iUm3a0XUrkglcto51ah9cA3PGGTa9CYustZ93sACjwMPHl4Q6LiBGQaIB5g 0uzRMdvR17sG7Q5QEdM7Nq24uALJEp7PkhZ62udax7TKOCpCjk8v4yfjSfj7 zZ06PF_aiw9z25rW65iX5GhIfFyf1EJoi0XfeapqGMxWBdLbhPf8G_jSatzc Af2xQshQkcHqtUbYLTNETJweTo_xNUAJ1QHg0sj96f31u9-Yt0ESfSXtejZhHB6-EhQfvIxH-vFmUxnBMbqOOS3iaxY6rQ8KfuPYDPK39zYAztyhJJFniMuJ_Q9tkSzYKQzN8 _TBGWiq7iySai1xaw3AwymyuGHk8t4ZFfmMZLAdkXZBBwNOfJdqwoNH66ZGr Jun8N0hglAzt4_0QP9L8_E9yoJnIj8OD3YmByeZh1Wy2HWkR_4xjaWYI8Ga2 CfZifzTM5BdVffEOShSZaUz=w833-h624-no

Hope at least one of the fleet pics is visible to everyone!


India Four Two
23rd Apr 2017, 10:58
Nice try Brockie but still no joy. I don't see any images.

23rd Apr 2017, 11:02
USing Firefox or Edge I don't either but they are there in Chrome or whatever it's equivalent in W10 is. Curious.

30th Apr 2017, 15:01
Here's our current (probably final) ranking.

Two versions again!

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bKOjLFrgeMAEIL0ENbQGByMfi6mNQ1zdMoMu8bComuVEF0fqSLI7DD3IdYKu lTyKTrDJnIHeW823hg=w308-h275-rw


30th Apr 2017, 15:14
Here are two versions of our final ranking:

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Mqw_aweO-Tyqm0tBW6UvDdFHaAtcpfD3pgQCu6Fbb-UlSh3AwFiqCDxR-vOUcLCCpySSt2XVt0qrNPsW4pLijw4v62tAVQbKIL6MEe_KNusR_DSeacu93 eheheYVl6DxjPnaHp6bjzkK1hJrHhg0PhZ8If5xcJwCcvCPkAUCbHQ0CKhTY 3Qb28ukoYuJEjhjks2jhxKU7Bial9pJgz3EASlFNr9UNd4Hmnm1Il6o2zXxj EW-f_1absMlXZghjK9on2OV7YmxdimdrmsCpUmnqKQ1sIO-bEtaB83qDcmebe0fDGsz9H1r-G3mUEGfX_KnUjqX8vLx-Rsgs1n9Vp1GXXpAvOfi2zRcx84fg3HJVeoCAbFAHpzSAkJhptSdHej-H0ZNIJYV8QzpMkwZOqjeqNjR2cWeurJlIx4C4Eah9LBHhtTInvCap1pOLJVT Z_1zdU-xOWYGtkG9R4Bt1pW3OO4zJXNWi0rNimVYgeyrqxSrHEG99kXeGkgruYbCOjA oVvpT5opi-EPxl3iZY7KJhfPZTueq7jdg5G02CQcfErqbHeKk8kPDxuAxtbNMcM_mwFK07 FkLU0U3kIB4Q6ZFOfVTvsOLO0-aiEY_4wgKrDszaOFZ5nOJ=w646-h385-no


and in case you can't see the images at all here is a simple list:

1. lyric
2. golfsierrakilo
3. truckie
4. RainbowChaser
5. reflex
6. VikingAhoy
7. MerryTime
8. Miss_Saigon
9. Whaler
10. beaufort1

I haven't seen Whaler or beaufort in a race for quite some time so hopefully they are just choosing not to race.

Until next time!