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Self Loading Freight
23rd Jun 2016, 01:50
Sorry for asking an Actual Aviation Question in Jetblast, but... isn't it illegal to tow banners these days in the UK without supa-spesh auth from the CAA? And isn't it very inadvisable to float a light a/c across Central London without telling everyone who you are and what you're doing?

So can we expect to see serious poo heading towards the gentleman (because I will put a bottle of Laphroaig on the table, and not the 12yo neither, that it is a dyspeptic old buffer) who towed a Leave banner over the Jo Cox memorial event in Trafalgar Square earlier behind a twin-prop GA chariot?

This sort of behaviour breaks my heart. My country is better than this. Aviation is better than this. Even dyspeptic old buffers should be better than this.

23rd Jun 2016, 02:02
See the How sick can you get thread.

It was an approved and preplanned operation by a commercial firm that very unfortunately coincided with the memorial service. Events overtook the planning, and a very unfortunate situation arose that hadn't been foreseen. Profuse apologies all round have been given I believe.