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11th Feb 2002, 02:10

Just trying to do the impossible and balance my social life against my flying training.

Just how busy are you on the CPL modular course? If one tries to fit in the 25 hours in three weeks, that is an average of two hours a day (ish!).

Is there any studying in the evenings? (I can't see why as the ATPL's are in the bag by this stage!) Maybe an hour of flight planning?

If there is a minimum of flight planning and studying and the flying could be carried out in the mornings, (and I'm thinking of Florida here.) Could one not quite easily make quite a reasonable holiday from the three weeks for a pilot and the other half, (without the beer! <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> )???

Interested on any thoughts.

11th Feb 2002, 03:58
As a rule I allow at least 1 hour's flight planning per hour's flight. . .A two hour flight should have at least 1 hour preflight activities and allow 15-30 min post flight activities. So, that is now about a 4 hour day. This doesn't include transport to the airport. Add on the study you do for the exercise and you have a 6-7 hour day. . .A tip, don't waste too much time getting on the turps etc with the CPL. You have plenty of time to do that after you have finished. Think of how much this is costing and remain focussed.

11th Feb 2002, 04:48
The CPL course cant really be combined with a family holiday. Trust me on that. You will need to concentrate on the work 100%. The weather will play a significant role in how long you will take to complete the course. Just think that each beer you scoff will cost you 100 due to the lack of brain power/hangover next day.

If you dont have a twin rating yet you will have a ground exam for that, so there will be a bit of studying for that. Any areas that are causing trouble may need a bit of reading in the evenings (usually something to do with VFR nav).

Sorry if I sound negative but that is my experience so far.

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