View Full Version : BMW employ a robot to tell you interesting things.

Loose rivets
22nd Jun 2016, 22:34
Ladies can put the kettle on while us chaps talk about cam to crank angle variation control.

What a fascinating voice. Second only to Professor Hawking's.

(puts on foil helmet and hides behind sofa)


22nd Jun 2016, 23:28
"while we chaps talk about cam..." :=

India Four Two
23rd Jun 2016, 01:20
I'll correct that:

BMW employ a robot to put me to sleep.I turned it off after one minute!

Hawking's voice would have been better. :ok:

Loose rivets
23rd Jun 2016, 12:43
Yes, I recall the professor being offered another more realistic voice - which he declined. The non-professional world knows him mostly for that wondrous technology.

23rd Jun 2016, 20:41
Jesus wept! This needs to stop.

Our in-house training department use a similar (but twangy American*) robot to voice their computer-based training courses. They seem to be paid on the basis of the number of courses they churn out every year.

In a similar vein, our legal department (American!) seem to be paid by the number of mandatory in-house computer-based training courses they insist everyone takes.

I find all of these robot voices ridiculously aggravating. Cheap, they may be. Ineffective, they are. Oh wait, that was Yoda.

* - I have nothing against twangy Americans. Only twangy robots.