View Full Version : Springwatch - did they know what they were saying?

15th Jun 2016, 07:24
The thread title I'd like to have had would have been kicked out by the mods. But I'm still not sure whether these two knew what they had just said; if it was contrived, then bravo for the straight faces...

?Is that the deepest shag you?ve had?? Springwatch innuendo gets worse | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Daily Express (http://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/679534/Springwatch-innuendo-shag-Chris-Packham-Michaela-Strachan-BBC)

15th Jun 2016, 07:42
I was on a sightseeing cruise (small boat - not a residential ship) on a Scottish loch viewing seabirds, seals and golden eagles, when we encountered a group of birds with a pair copulating - the guide announced that that was a shag . . .

15th Jun 2016, 11:27
If you are ever at a dance in S. Carolina and a nice young lady asks you if you'd like to shag, don't get your hopes up too much!

15th Jun 2016, 11:45
Noted Chris Packham's dismal attempts at Kenneth Williams style humour during Autumn Watch last year - most of which went right over Michaela Strachan's head... Fnar! Fnar! Yak! Yak!

Tech Guy
15th Jun 2016, 12:55
Kate Humble's badger watch?


15th Jun 2016, 14:37
In next weeks episode it features beaver spotting.:eek:

Harley Quinn
15th Jun 2016, 21:03
Packham certainly worked hard last series to introduce innuendo into the programme as did his co presenters, all is forgiven tonight though given the shirt he is wearing; a combination of birds and aircraft (mainly Spitfires I think).

15th Jun 2016, 21:14
Michaela Strachan just said that her fellow presenter had stripped off his shirt and was spreading his seed!

Harley Quinn
15th Jun 2016, 21:20
Further to my post above you may find this link interesting; http://www.chrispackham.co.uk/just-for-fun/chris-packhams-t-shirt-designs/chris-packham’s-t-shirt-designs-2010

15th Jun 2016, 22:08
Maybe they'll do a feature on tits.

15th Jun 2016, 23:49
Seeing as the weathers so awful the tits will no doubt be Blue !

16th Jun 2016, 08:15
Or penduline

16th Jun 2016, 08:51
Watching helicopter hero's this week on sky the unfortunate female medic says upon loading the 'large' casualty "you are a big lad" you could always give me a few inches!!! the look on her face said it all amazing the producers allowed it to stay.

16th Jun 2016, 09:36
It'll be a feature on Great tits with Charlie Dimmock doing a guest appearance.

Tech Guy
16th Jun 2016, 12:49
As long as she doesn't show us her water feature. :ooh:

16th Jun 2016, 14:36
They won't be doing one on bearded tits since Bill Oddie wasn't available.

16th Jun 2016, 14:53
. .this steam of references some beyond the ken of an antipodian whose head is a trifle pendulous at the thought of his igorrence . . . .

on the timeless subject though of the aforementioned ever fascinating female appendages -

could it be that my eyesight's defective?

is the east tit the least bit the best of the west tit?

or is it a trick of perspective?

my son was mildly appalled when I emailed him a pic of a nubile Canadian
beauty wearing a wet T-shirt upon which was written boldly


(DAD he replied HOW UNDAD!!)

16th Jun 2016, 17:50
After a long walk on the beach last weekend my 26 year old son and I stopped in a bar for a pint. While sitting outside, an attractive, well endowed young lady in a tight top walked by. My son asked me. "Did you see the tits on her?"

Well I'm no prude but for a moment I was taken aback and didn't know how to reply. I mean, would he think that I am a dirty old man or a sad old git. I just laughed and said that I couldn't help but notice. It was certainly not a question that I would have asked my father.

I sat there bemused thinking. That's my boy.

Windy Militant
16th Jun 2016, 18:34
Innuendo Bingo is a well known pasttime for TV and Radio production teams with prizes for whoever gets the most risky phrases on air. One of the recent big winners was whichever wag got Carol Kirkwood to announce that the weather was going to be " as wet as an otters pocket!" :D

As for spring watch tit watching you have to pick your spot. Years ago I was car sharing with a couple of mates one of whom used to enthusiastically indulge in this hobby to the extent of hanging out of the car window to get a better view.
However one weekend while going shopping with his other half they stopped at a pelican crossing. A well endowed young lady made a sprint to catch the flashing green man, fnar, fnar. This as you can imaging caught my mates attention and forgetting who he was with he blurted out "Cor look at the wobblies on her, you don't get many of them to a pound! Apparently domestic relations were somewhat arctic for the rest of the weekend! :}

16th Jun 2016, 19:05
And here was me thinking an innuendo was an Italian suppository...

I know .. hat, coat, etc.

17th Jun 2016, 05:44
In good old conservative Bahrain we used to have a breakfast DJ on Radio Bahrain who played this every morning as his theme tune
shagging on the boulevard

Sue Vêtements
17th Jun 2016, 23:34
It would be hard to beat the radio version of Absolute Power with Stephen Fry and john Bird, where John Bird's character took a wager that another barrister would be unable to introduce the word cunnilingus during the trial.

I can't remember how they managed it, but the wager was of course lost.

20th Jun 2016, 09:58
And here was me thinking an innuendo was an Italian suppository...

And "aperitif" is French for dentures .........:ok:

hat coat etc (again!)

Captain Dart
20th Jun 2016, 10:38
...and a 'hacienda' is the stern of a Spanish ship.

Captain Dart
20th Jun 2016, 10:51
And a 'specimen' is an Italian astronaut.

OK, OK I'm going.