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28th Jun 2002, 22:40
Hi guys :)
Anyone flying the Short 360 ?
I am looking for a Short 360 FAA type rating and I was wondering if there are other company than Flight Safety to train with ?
Thanks ;)

Captain Stable
29th Jun 2002, 07:36
I don't know of any in the Caribbean. Others here could tell you about Latin America. There are lots in Europe - BAC, Emerald, Streamline... Where are you based?

29th Jun 2002, 11:12
Thanks for your reply.
I am in Europe but I should leave shortly for Africa where I will need the Short 360 type rating so I can complete it in Europe.
I hold FAA and JAR Lic but the aircraft will be N- regist.
I guess that BAC or Streamline cannot offer a FAA training/examiner, however do you know if the FAA would recognize a JAR FCL type rating and therefore add it to my FAA lic ?
Your help is very much appreciated ;)

neil armstrong
29th Jun 2002, 12:13
I dont think the FAA will accept a JAA type rating.
I did try to convert mine (with 600hr on typ) but they still wanted me to do a simcheck.
Don't go to BAC express very expensive, Streamline is a lot cheaper .
You could also try express Airways in Germany they have a lot of shorts and had a lot of US pilots.
or try ,Air cargo Carriers,Milwaukee phone 9204821711(they did have 4*360 and 10*330 ,a couple of years back)
or Corporate air (406 2481541) also old information out of JP airline fleet 1999
good luck with your type.


30th Jun 2002, 10:58
Thanks very much Neil ;)
I'll try the different companies, the best is to do it in the US but if I can't, it should be cheaper to train with Streamline then do a sim check in the US ... as flight safety charge approx 20 000$ and I think Streamline 8 000 ... also holding the FAA but the JAR rating as well might be a good option !
Thanks again ;)

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