View Full Version : 'Biblical' immigrant influx threatens to devastate crops

14th Jun 2016, 16:12
Scientists have learned that the UK could potentially be "devastated" by a species of immigrant arriving from continental Europe.

BBC News understands that tens of millions of immigrants are thought to have come to the UK in the past week.

This is 100 times the number that arrive in the entire year.

Researchers describe the species as a "super pest" because it is thought to be resistant to several pesticides.

An alert has been issued by researchers at the Rothamsted Research in Harpenden in Hertfordshire.

The Twitter feed @migrantUK reported a two mile cloud of immigrants on Saturday night near Leominster. One subscriber to the feed reported that it was like "driving through rain".

Steve Nash, who administers the feed, said much worse was yet to come.

"Once the progeny of this influx arrives in mid-July, numbers could be biblical," he said.

Dr Steve Foster, who works at Rothamsted Research described how they devastate Britain.

"There are swarms of them, a bit like plagues of locusts - there are so many of them that they seem like a brown cloud."

Dr Foster and his colleagues learned of the infestation on Friday. They will study the immigrants to see if they can identify a pesticide that can be used against them as a matter of urgency.

This process could take a few weeks. If they find an effective spray in that time the infestation will be an inconvenience to Britain. If not, the immigrants could "devastate" and rape across the country, according to the doctor.

"Hopefully there will be an Achilles heel and one of the pesticides available to growers will work out," he explained.

"But if you haven't got anything available what you can do apart from sit down and pray, because they are just going to destroy your daughters?"

His advice is to try to consult with their authorised advisers about spaying their daughters.

If the immigrants are already resistant to the pesticticide, it could result in killing friendly pests such as Scotsmen and Welshmen and Cornishmen, which prey on other pests - which could make their problems with the immigrants even worse.