View Full Version : French Police officer + wife killed

14th Jun 2016, 11:35
Given events elsewhere it's perhaps understandable that these events last night are only just creeping onto the front pages:


Looks like this individual had worked out you don't have to go after the "hard" targets such as police stations....

14th Jun 2016, 11:51
Police stations are hardly hard targets if UK ones are anything to go by. Most British police would also be sitting ducks in similar circumstances whether in or out of their nicks with most firearms officers being spread thinly around their respective counties.

14th Jun 2016, 12:47
Police stations are hardly hard targets if UK ones are anything to go by

Just by way of comparison (sorry, know it's wiki, but it seems cover the basics of what went on OK).


14th Jun 2016, 14:51
Apparently he was live streaming the attack and was heard saying 'what do i do with the boy ?'………Christ on a bike, who needs video games :yuk: :ugh:


14th Jun 2016, 22:03
The religion of peace yet again..............

15th Jun 2016, 08:05
The French prime minister has just said there was no negligence on behalf of the authorities. Apparently allowing a convicted jihadist, under investigation for other offences, free to roam the streets, doesn't count as "negligence"!

After witnessing his parents murder and surviving being taken hostage, the child was taken to the Necker children's hospital in Paris by his grandparents. While he was receiving treatment, striking trade unionists attacked the hospital, breaking windows and holding a noisy demonstration.

Leftist vermin.