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Loose rivets
13th Jun 2016, 23:02
Now it may be a question for the computer section as it's working on W7


Bloxorz, it can't be blocked. Even the site that says, Free, unblocked, won't go.

All the systems are fine until you try to use the arrows to move the block. I've played it intermittently for years, surely this ultimate test of mechanicalistical minds can't be denied us . . . can it? Could it be W10? One will have to fire up me W7 laptop. One can not be denied. One's brain will fuse . . . fuse I tell you.

Bloxorz - Free Brain Game (http://www.memory-improvement-tips.com/bloxorz.html)

It has to be said that this most wondrous game was beyond brilliant, and certainly should have provided the author with more than a little pocket money, but why now - who's taking this dastardly action?

Now I know it works on W7, is there something else afoot like Java or Flash or evil spirits. It's never not worked for me for years. Just can't figure out what would just stop the (working) arrows controlling the block when all other things like the menus function normally.


14th Jun 2016, 00:02
Have you tried running the program using the Compatibility Mode for running older software within Windows 10? A Google search will give detailed instructions on how to do this. It isn't too complicated to try out and it might actually solve your problem.

Pontius Navigator
14th Jun 2016, 10:41
I had to give up as I got RSI.

Loose rivets
14th Jun 2016, 10:56
Yes, the movement count is astonishing. Mind you, when you get nifty at rolling the thing by holding the arrow down, it takes the load off. There is a fascinating inertia however, so one has to know just when to 'lift off the power.'

Racing through it, one can clock up 2,200 moves in say, 20 mins, not counting the hold downs.

GOULI, if it runs on W7, could there be a need for that. The program's probably from the Vista era, though it could be from XP. Interesting point, however, thinking about it, I'm 99% sure I ran it on W10 but on the old mother board. Still not liking my PC with the i5, but car issues have soaked up my time. So, fire up the other W10 laptop and see what that does.

I thought I might be getting good at it, until I saw some dainty little fingers from the Orient doing it. 'strewth! Reminded me of the Brunei lads programming my nav system. Little pinkies all a'blur.

Loose rivets
14th Jun 2016, 11:27
Oh, NO! It's this darn new MB in the PC. I've never taken to it, but run out of playtime with computers.

Even with an Asus card, the graphics are still a compromise, and now the Keyb seems to be inappropriate in some way.

Looking at drivers - again.


14th Jun 2016, 12:36
"Inappropriate in some way"?? You mean the keyboard mapping is wrong? Just hit alt-shift until the right mapping automagically appears.

Loose rivets
14th Jun 2016, 15:25
erm, but wouldn't that cause the arrow keys to not work on other items? It even works in Bloxors for other things.

I use Alt Shift to change to UK layout which is not suitable IMHO for typing dialogue, as I can do thousands of " with nair a movement of the Moonlight Sonata finger.

However, one will try it now.



Loose rivets
14th Jun 2016, 22:13
Keyb now connected via USB and not PS2 plug.

Flash player correct for FireFox.

All history and settings deleted from Flash.

I.E. tried, and it goes!!!!!!!!!!

Totally at a loss. FireFox decides just some computers' arrows won't work with Bloxorz but (perhaps), most will.

I'm at a loss, though nothing new there.

14th Jun 2016, 23:26
I reached level 11 (using Opera) then got stuck.

Loose rivets
15th Jun 2016, 23:23
Now this should be only a modest challenge for a mechanically minded chap like you. Don't look on't net cos lots of folk have made it their life's work showing how to do it.

There's one, shaped like a back to back E that really tested me. I have to confess to doing lots of diagrams before getting it right.

This is the set of keys for individual games. The just take you to a game you might want to practice

http://bloxorz-passcodes.********.co.uk/p/bloxorz-passcodes-for-levels-2-to-33.html Damn cleaver these computer chappies. It won't run.

Yep, this one works - with the obvious two items removed.

http:ROB PUT THIS HERE//bloxorz-passcodes.blogspotRIVETS.co.uk/p/bloxorz-passcodes-for-levels-2-to-33.html

11 for example is Load Stage 291709

Anyway, the main question of how F-Fox is being manipulated, or is manipulating, is unanswered.


16th Jun 2016, 09:16
Been stuck on level 9 for weeks

16th Jun 2016, 11:07
gemma 10

me too

Loose rivets
16th Jun 2016, 11:21
I think this is the most wonderfully challenging game ever invented. Love it to bits.

However, I ran it from game 11 last night, and was dismayed to find I'd forgotten some moves. Soon came back though.

32, the penultimate one is to me, the hardest of the lot.

Without giving too much away, I invent terms to describe a function. Like, Phase Change. All I then have to do is remember that this game has say, a double phase change, and it becomes clear.

Simply dropping it in the hole can be a bewilderment but once you've got the point about what stops you, it's valid for all games.

Whatever you do, don't look up the answers. One peek and you can never say, 'I beat Bloxorz'. :8