View Full Version : The Mall Parade on Sunday

13th Jun 2016, 08:06
Good to see members of the Royal Family taking time to speak with their subjects, but the parade itself appeared tacky and amateur. The folks who paid 150 a head to watch it must have felt properly ripped off. If this was the best Mr Phillips could do for that price, then he ought to look for another job. Hopefully, as we were told by numerous announcers, proceeds will be distributed among the deserving charities represented there. How much of the proceeds actually reaches them remains to be seen......

13th Jun 2016, 08:34
Have organisers of events such as yesterdays ever thought of hiring themselves out to regions of the world affected by drought?

13th Jun 2016, 12:52
Ah but did you see the horse show from Windsor? Someone had the gumption to give the birthday girl what she really enjoys.

13th Jun 2016, 16:13
I watched bits of it on the BBC.

I’ve just posted on the PC thread so I must be careful (remember those watch lists folks)

The BBC coverage looked "limited" and this made the procession(s) look repetitive - Overall it felt a little bit tacky, all those butterflies ?

Don't those insects have brief lives ! Hummmmm.

Nothing could be done about the weather and a certain prominent person's exhortation to his driver "to put his foot down" - whilst parading passed the not so great masses - Well that's the BBC translation, seemed to indicate an impatience with the event.

HMQ seemed engaged - More than I would have been - But the real misery seemed to be the "Hampers" handed out to the people in the mall. Very nice "Food" no doubt, but the event lacked a few keg's of Watney's Red Barrel. [Edit: Roly is correct an o'rfull lot of plummy commentary ]

It was not as bad as the Flotilla in the Fog.