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12th Jun 2016, 18:40
And why as a single female I wouldn't go, not trusting in a royal pardon - preceded by many months in a filthy jail..

Dutch woman may face adultery charge after rape report - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/12/middleeast/qatar-dutch-woman-rape-report-held/)

13th Jun 2016, 08:34
And why I would only ever use the Gulf as a group of airport hubs to get somewhere else as quickly as possible.

13th Jun 2016, 10:12
The news reported today that she has been sentenced to a fine of 750 euros and a conditional prison sentence of one year. This means that she will be kicked out of the country within the next few days.

The gentleman involved in the crime will receive 140 lashes.

Union Jack
13th Jun 2016, 10:21
The gentleman involved in the crime will receive 140 lashes


13th Jun 2016, 10:24
:eek:Friends of a friend are taking their small children for a nice two week holiday to Dubai in....August:ugh:

13th Jun 2016, 10:57
One really should think twice before heading to the Gulf to vacation, or even to transit. In addition the their difficulties in seeing who the victim is, in this case, the near-slave labour used, and abused throughout the area is well known, but often just ignored.

One should not reward bad behaviour.

13th Jun 2016, 14:23
The gentleman involved in the crime will receive 140 lashes


Let's call this a sarcasm failure.

13th Jun 2016, 15:53
Be very careful. Some medicines, such as codeine, commonly available in the West can land you in the slammer in these places.

13th Jun 2016, 16:52

When they get outside the Terminal Building in DXB they'll realise why the holiday was so cheap!

14th Jun 2016, 16:25
According to Qatar's Penal Code 2004 (Law No. 11), "anyone who copulates with a female above sixteen without compulsion, duress or ruse is convicted to no more than seven years in prison. The same penalty is also imposed on the female for her consent." But if she's under sixteen, is it a different category of crime or what?
In the nearby United Arab Emirates in 2013, a Norwegian woman (http://cnn.com/2013/07/22/world/meast/uae-norway-rape-controversy/) who reported being raped by a colleague was sentenced to 16 months in jail, charged for having unlawful sex, making a false statement and the illegal consumption of alcohol. Marte Deborah Dalelv was later pardoned by Dubai's ruler. Pardon me, hoy: was that the chap who boozed to screw you?