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uffington sb
12th Jun 2016, 07:06
There's one of these billboards outside the office in Hitchin.
I was confused to what it meant, but now it's all clear, well almost!
A bunch of people similar to chemtrailers and all the other crackpot conspiracy theorists.
The mystery of the 'legal name fraud' billboards - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-36499750)

12th Jun 2016, 10:05
I saw one of those billboards in Dunfermline.

I got the impression that it was something to do with the late John Harris or TPUC.

Most people are unaware of the extent to which apparent "law" is actually a matter of contract law. Most of us do not think much about the difference between a person and a human. I guess the ads are an attempt to raise public awareness of how society and its rules actually function.


12th Jun 2016, 11:24
Complete and utter twaddle being peddled by a bunch of leftie anarchists who want to avoid paying taxes or having any obligations to society.

In the UK you can be known by any name you want and change it any time you want so long as it isn't offensive, an attempt to break the law, or trying to avoid legal debts and obligations.

16th Jun 2016, 16:39
If you've opted out and claim that you never agreed to the laws, does that mean you're no longer protected by them either? I'd say it's an all-or-nothing package, you can't choose to be bound by some of them but not all of them.

17th Jun 2016, 14:54
A similar (and, I think, linked) nonsense:


18th Jun 2016, 09:17
We had an example of this in Cornwall in 1989 with one Fred Trull trying to revive stannary law (the law relating to tin mining and the old stannary courts). He raised 1.25m for his campaign from deluded subscribers who thought that by declaring they were "tinners" they could avoid paying the poll tax. Eventually the courts (which Trull claimed not to recognise) convicted him, gave him a suspended sentence and ordered him to repay the money, although little was ever recovered.

Martin the Martian
18th Jun 2016, 11:48
There's a name to revive one or two memories, TTN.

It seems to me if these planks actually put as much effort in contributing to society as they do trying to wriggle out of their obligations, we'd all be better off.

22nd Jun 2016, 13:59
Law is only law because of 'might'.

He with the biggest stick makes the law. 'Tis so in nature......and we are only animals after all...regardless of how some are more animal than others.
There is, in reality, no such thing as natural justice.

We are obliged to obey the laws of the land into which we are born or live because the powers that be have the means to impose them upon us. That a majority or a minority establish this power in 'them' is immaterial. The concept of freedom as such is only valid in that you have the power to try to resist such power imposing laws upon you that you do not like....either by changing location, or fighting back or ignoring them and hiding....but ultimately all law is , is the exercise of power by the more powerful over the less powerful...even if the less powerful actually agree to this.

Martin the Martian
22nd Jun 2016, 15:03
So life's a bitch.