View Full Version : Reasonable no. of flying hours for employment

28th Jun 2002, 18:54
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering that apart from the minimum, how many hours do you think a person should have to be considered by as a good candidate for employment with an airline?

This question may seem ambiguous (spelling?), but I was looking at it from the point of view as a newly qualified pilot who is up against experienced pilots who are all competing for the same position.

It seems that the minimum is nowhere near enough.



P.S. I know one can never have enough hours either.:) :) :)

Luke SkyToddler
28th Jun 2002, 21:13
It utterly depends on the big picture with the airlines and what time you hit the market.

There are (very very occasionally) times, when it seems everyone who can correctly spell the word "airplane" can get a right hand seat with a big airline.

And there are also times (like right at the moment) when people with 5,000 hours of jet experience can't even get a look in at an air taxi operator.

The average in 'normal' times I guess, is around 1000 to 1500 hours, especially if you've got some multi time in there.

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