View Full Version : Microsoft payments owed. I did not remain calm.

Loose rivets
7th Jun 2016, 22:05
This time on my long term mobile number. This I really do not want.

I couldn't really tell what the lying bitch was saying, but I thought I'd try to find out. She said she was from Microsoft and my payments were late for a support call I was supposed to have had. I wonder if that was the one where their ad was right between two genuine MS links Google was providing. I criticised Google at the time, letting crooks advertise on their system.

Back then I kept saying I couldn't understand why she would want to do things to a disk I kept telling her was going to be scrapped and when a large sum was mentioned, I typed (that was all typed conversation) "Now I understand." and cut off. I then scrapped that HD as planned. However, then, firmly convinced I was talking to MS, I either confirmed or even gave my mobile number. I'd had such a good experience with MS on the phone from Texas that just typing I didn't pick up on the fraud right away. Right there, between two support sites were the crooks. Using the MS name, and offering support. Just the URL changed in one part only. Come on, Google. Put your house in order.

I asked her to confirm she was representing MS, but she just kept chanting away while dropping MS's name. I then told her she was committing a crime in the United Kingdom, and that the call would be traced right into her building no matter what country she was in. I intended to remain calm and con the conner, but no, I underwent a change of neuronal conductivity, told the woman she was a F:mad:ing crook, and then told her to copulate in the direction of leaving. Not like me to let them get away with less than half an hour's call time.

I'll have to work out a cunning plan in time for the next call. My Forrest Gump hour was inspired, if I say so myself. 'I've only got one finger . . . I know, I'll press the other button with my nose." Sounds funnier when Forrest says it.