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28th Jun 2002, 15:51
Hello, new here. I was just thinking how many people here have unfrozen their ATPL this month.

Was I the ONLY one silly enough to spend what felt like every flyable night in June trying to complete the 100 night hours?

(finished yesterday HOORAY)

28th Jun 2002, 15:53
Judging by the number of requests at my local club for night check outs this month & last I would say that you are not alone at all!! I know of at least 2 others doing the same!

Congrats! :)

28th Jun 2002, 18:40
Iv just done it with 1534 hrs....and 101 hrs night ,..now can I have a job please...oh and what about a JAA atpl as well..??

28th Jun 2002, 23:59
Well done to the both of you, no mean feat.

go, to get a 'straight' conversion to a JAA ATPL you will need a minimum of 500 hrs multi crew experience on a JAR 25 type. Its not necessary to convert unless you are looking to work on contract in a country outside of the UK.

29th Jun 2002, 19:45
Just done mine too

1551 hours (100.6 night)

Where will it get me?.......dunno........but it feels good!:cool:

JWF :D :D :D

1st Jul 2002, 10:33
Only three of us?:)

1st Jul 2002, 11:24
Yes, me too.

Lucky enough to be flying night freight, so night hours not a problem. But I do remember doing all the night ratings I could, as an instructor, to get the hours just in case.

I remember it worked out about 3hrs per rating in your book. A lot of effort working on shitty nights in shitty weather in leaking aircraft sitting on a wet seat gripping your tourch just in case, hoping the student does not ask what we do if the engine goes.

But remember....we are in this for the glamour.:eek:

1st Jul 2002, 12:01
Muppet - your story sound way way too familiar to me...night ratings galore earlier this year....still only 38.5 hours though...argh...


1st Jul 2002, 19:42
Why did people bother?

I converted direct to JAA and got a frozen ATPL. No need for expensive night flying or rushing arround trying to get an ATPL which is meaningless unless it includes multi pilot aircraft time.

The ATPL credits stay on the frozen ATPL for 5 years after the last IR renewal.

Well done to those that put the effort in but I think that it wasn't needed.


2nd Jul 2002, 13:21
This morning I received my ATPL in the post...........FANTASTIC :D

It feels as though as I have just 'graduated' :)

I have been working towards this goal for the last 4 years and the sense of well being is enormous. All the hard work and sacrifice, the tears and the grins............ALL WORTHWHILE

Why did people bother?

A sense of personal achievement and a bit like climbing a mountain...................because it's there :p

On a more practical note I think the ATPL may help in establishing a place higher up in the 'CV pile'. I have also noticed that of recent date many companies are stating the ATPL as a minimum qualification, so the more doors that I have a key to the better ;)

There has been a lot of debate regarding the JAA ATPL and the CAA ATPL. Either way, it can do no harm having a CAA ATPL.

Now for the rest of the day I think I will bask in the glory and sense of achievement.........................now where can I buy a set of extra gold plated stripes? :rolleyes:


3rd Jul 2002, 01:59
Make that 4 CAA ATPL's, I have been instructing for a few years and night flying for three, still had to bash the circuit for months this winter in crappy weather to make up the 100 hours and also do the IR in the deadline which was no mean feat, thus avoiding an approved course which I could not afford. Hopefully my licence is in the post and I will get a job soon that pays enough to live on, Ive got over 4000 hours and things are so slack at the moment its unbelieveable, too long a wannabe!

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