View Full Version : Unhappy Ground Crew Damages Jet Aircraft

2nd May 2016, 14:28
Airport Worker Destroys Jet After Getting Fired ? Speed Society (http://speedsociety.com/airport-worker-destroys-jet-after-getting-fired/?source=dom)

2nd May 2016, 14:51
Alternatively... "Former UTair YAK-40 aircraft, with engines and windshields clearly already removed, scrapped by professionals in aircraft scrapyard."
Move along, now - nothing to see here.

2nd May 2016, 15:28
Need translation of what is being said by observer

2nd May 2016, 15:59
This is at least four years old, and has been 'round the internet a few times now.

2nd May 2016, 17:36
Need translation of what is being said by observer
They were talking about some routine and whether "he" will be able to break the A/C apart or not, and then they laughed.

Looks like it was just an ordinary scrapping of YAK-40/42 going on.

2nd May 2016, 20:10
I live and learn. Apologies... I should have seen the lack of engines and windshields.