View Full Version : PK711, smoke in toilet and diversion, 23-4-16

Super VC-10
23rd Apr 2016, 14:12
Pakistan International Airlines Flight 711 is diverting into Shannon due to smoke in a toilet. Was on a flight from Manchester to New York.

Flight PK711 from Manchester to New York declares mid-air emergency | Metro News (http://metro.co.uk/2016/04/23/flight-pk711-from-manchester-to-new-york-declares-mid-air-emergency-5836569/)

Super VC-10
24th Apr 2016, 08:21
Apparently only an indication of smoke (whatever that means, either there's smoke or there ain't).

Incident: PIA B772 near Shannon on Apr 23rd 2016, lavatory smoke indication (http://avherald.com/h?article=4974dfa2&opt=0)