View Full Version : Bek Air Fokker 100 landed nose gear up in Astana

27th Mar 2016, 08:29


27th Mar 2016, 08:49

Aluminium shuffler
27th Mar 2016, 09:43
Well, that's clearly not gear up, is it? It's a nose gear failure, which is not the same thing at all.

Wile E. Coyote
27th Mar 2016, 09:54
The crash tenders were standing by at the side of the runway as the aircraft lands, and they are on scene within half a minute.

That implies the flight deck crew had already declared a mayday / potential gear problem....

27th Mar 2016, 11:45
Also runway was foamed.

Capn Bloggs
27th Mar 2016, 13:30
Main gear doors open...

Carbon Bootprint
27th Mar 2016, 15:16
Looks a bit like the JetBlue EMB-190 incident (http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/576697-bluejet-nassau-bahamas.html#post9323768) a couple of days ago.

Aluminium shuffler
27th Mar 2016, 16:41
It looks like the runway was not foamed, just the area around the aircraft once it was stopped. You really need to look at your own photos and stop exaggerating.

27th Mar 2016, 16:50
Bek Air flight Z9 2041 performed a nosegear-up landing at Astana International Airport, Kazakhstan.
The aircraft, a Fokker 100, operated on a domestic flight from Kzyl-Orda Airport. Approaching the Astana Airport, the nose landing gear failed to deploy. The aircraft then made a forced nosegear-up landing on runway 22 which had been foamed by airport fire services.
The aircraft came to rest on the runway and all occupants evacuated through the forward doors. (c) ASN

28th Mar 2016, 02:41
These Fokkers seem to have endless landing gear problems.

blind pew
28th Mar 2016, 06:46
Design fault...iirc it was an existing undercarriage from a smaller Fokker.
SR modified theirs with a DC9 anti shimmy damper before KLM or AF had the gear collapse at GVA.1992.
The Italians - Marchetti? - built a new one and after flight testing loaded the press on board and demonstrated a flap less landing at MLW when it promptly failed.
I grounded one after an uncontrollable oscillation started during taxying at the new airport at Munich started by the uneven joints in the concrete taxiway.
I suspected it was because we were extremely light which ment the gear was "stretched".
When the company trouble shooter arrived he told me he had refused acceptance of the new aircraft but had been overruled.

28th Mar 2016, 08:21
As capn bloggs says main gear doors are open. If this F100 has landed like this it means that they have done alternate extension of landing gear.