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16th Mar 2016, 06:03
Anyone has more detail ?

A CRJ-200LR was damaged after a pickup truck impacted the left hand rear side of the aircraft. The driver was injured.

The incident happened at American Eagle's Gate F38 at Philadelphia International Airport around 12:30 p.m. The aircraft had arrived from Greenville-Spartanburg Airport as flight AA3813 at 11:54 hours local time.

I cannot download the photo here:

16th Mar 2016, 06:28
According to the information, the truck was authorized to be there and belonged to a vendor.

From the obvious energy of this collision, it would not be surprising if some sort of driver disablement was involved.

Tech Guy
16th Mar 2016, 12:21
How do you "not see" an aircraft parked in front of you?

Viper 7
16th Mar 2016, 12:37
You likely don't see it because you're having a medical event. Heart attack, stroke, seizure... and when the pain hits you jam a foot down on what you hope is the brake pedal but might be the gas pedal.


16th Mar 2016, 16:43
Just finished watching 12:00 noon WPVI (on air) news; the report detailed "unspecified injuries", and "police and airport officials are continuing to investigate" and left it at that. It was a slow news day, today...

Take what you may from this:
Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center is not the closest receiving facility with a trauma center to PHL (Crozer-Chester, a Level II trauma center/burn unit in the City of Chester, Delaware County, is). Presby is a Level I trauma center, and is a hospital which is well known for providing (both) excellent medical care and surgical trauma intervention. Advanced trauma would have been transported to The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; neurological trauma/emergencies would have gone to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (another Level I trauma center). All three Philadelphia facilities are approximately equidistant from the main terminals at PHL.

Sounds as if the news organizations in Philly are not going to be issuing anymore updates; Philly.Com (http://philly.com), the website of Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc., doesn't even refer to the incident.

19th Mar 2016, 03:49
Does anyone knows when will the NTSB provide a preliminary report ?

19th Mar 2016, 05:53
There may never be a report on this one, especially if the aircraft was parked at the gate at the time.

19th Mar 2016, 16:03
From what I've heard it was a medical event, driver deceased.

19th Mar 2016, 16:43
We just had an Air Whisky jumpseater; word is a heart attack and the driver is alive in hospital. Hope he recovers what must have been a horribly traumatic event. From what I've heard it was a medical event, driver deceased.

19th Mar 2016, 17:23
My mistake, glad to be wrong.

23rd Mar 2016, 18:22
I think NTSB should still issue an investigation and formulate recommendations as any ground worker can hit a plane or a crew any time, from taxiing to parking.

23rd Mar 2016, 19:14
If there were no crew or passengera on board the aircraft when it was hit, it's not classed as a reportable accident and is therefore outside the NTSB's remit.

24th Mar 2016, 13:06
From memory: Beginning with engine start with the intent of flight, until engine shutdown.