View Full Version : Flying Legends Duxford 14th July 2002

24th Jun 2002, 16:49
Hi Folks

Anybody going?

I would like to travel by air as this show, in 2000, was the inspiration to get my wings, but as I do not have my own aircraft things could be a bit expensive hiring.

Does anybody know of hirers allowing all day use for 2 hours flying?

I fly Pa 28, C152 and C172 and would definitely want the larger A/C as I am 6'5" and 100kg and my friend is the same height though a tad heavier (so a 152 is out of the question) Rochester or Biggin Hill.

Well, however we get there, how about a pprune meet up?



24th Jun 2002, 16:53
I'd love to go, but already have plans that weeked :(
Might be worth posting under the Bashes forum too....

24th Jun 2002, 16:55
Copy of this just sent to bashes...... :)

Who has control?
25th Jun 2002, 11:21
I'm intending to fly in on friday 12th, all the visiting a/c should be there, but none of the crowds.

25th Jun 2002, 15:11
Who has control,

The 12th sounds like a good idea. I never thought about that. Unfortunately I have to work that day.


30th Jun 2002, 10:51
Looks like I have an A/C booked now. Great. Just hope the weather is okay.
So any body else flying in?
Would love to know.