View Full Version : MH370 - ATSB now contemplating controlled glide

17th Feb 2016, 13:01
China making just 3 deep sea MH370 searches | Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2016/02/17/china-to-make-only-three-ultra-sharp-mh370-searches-before-atsb-quits-scene/)

I get the impression ATSB is laying the necessary groundwork before wrapping up the search in May. No one will have the appetite to search for another 2-3 years.

Missing Malaysia flight MH370: Satellite images show 122 objects in Indian Ocean 'debris field' | Asia | News | The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/missing-malaysia-flight-mh370-french-satellite-images-show-possible-debris-field-of-122-objects-in-9216139.html)

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: Floating debris spotted by Chinese satellite image (http://www.smh.com.au/world/missing-malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-floating-debris-spotted-by-chinese-satellite-image-20140322-35ap6.html)

I remember all that debris well south of the 7th arc that was seen by various satellites relatively early on. This was between March 18-22 - 10-14 days after the plane disappeared.

The general location (approx 90E and 45S) is about 200km beyond the 7th arc, which could fit with a glide from that arc. Especially with 10 days of surface drift.

There were 122 pieces of debris, including 2 larger pieces that could possibly have been wings. That seems a fairly large cluster.

The ocean has lots of debris sure. But it did seem a reasonably dense collection, suggesting it was of recent origin. The fact it was announced at the time suggests it was a more concentrated collection than the normal background "noise." If it was just random debris, it should have looked random (i.e. typical) at the time.

And there was no other source for this identified.

People speculated it may have been debris from the 2006 tsunami. If so, there should still be similar collections floating around today. If there are not, that suggests it was of more recent origin.