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22nd Jan 2016, 08:27
A new reporting format for runway surface conditions is on its way and DGAC (French CAA) is organising 31st March and 1st April 2016 a Symposium on the "Assessment and Reporting of Runway Surface Conditions". The symposium focus the new and upcoming reporting format developed by ICAO and based upon the US TALPA ARC approach. The DGAC has taken a proactive approach and arrange this symposium just short to the publication of the ICAO Reporting format based on changes proposed in ICAO State letter 30/2015 - Proposals for the amendment of Annexes 3; 6, Parts I and II; 8 14, Volume I; 15; PANS-Aerodromes; and PANS-ATM relating to the use of an enhanced global Reporting format for assessing and Reporting runway surface conditions.

This is an comprehensive proposal that for sure will have an impact upon us all. This event will be held in Paris at the head Office of DGAC. You can visit the following dedicated website to get more information and to register:

http://www.stac.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/manifestation/friction_symposium_2016.php (http://www.stac.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/manifestation/friction_symposium_2016.php).

27th Jan 2016, 14:47
This is indeed a very interestinf event, I confirm! :D

Some 15 keynotes are scheduled. Presentations will deal with subjects such as operational assessment of runway surface conditions, implementation of the concept of Runway Condition Report (recently adopted by the Air Navigation Commission ICAO), points of view of various stakeholders (aerodrome operators, pilots, aircraft manufacturers, States, etc.), results of TALPA trials, maintenance issues (e.g., how to address minimum friction level(s)?, harmonization of CFMEs), etc.