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22nd Jun 2002, 17:59

Around the BA HQs, the sweepstake has opened on the completion of RE's triple - hop, step, and ...........jump!

Favourite month seems to be August which could be quite a hot month, I hear on the jungle drums!

BA are feverishly hoping they can get the 'Woolie Pullie' to take him on.

22nd Jun 2002, 19:27
Rumour (well, last weeks' Mail) has it that Waterworld fancies Barbara Cassani once Rod has gone.

22nd Jun 2002, 20:53
The average tenure for a FTSE100 CEO is 45 months so RE still has a while to go!! I agree that from time to time CEO's need to change as different qualities / skills / attributes will be requried depending upon the brief / goals set by the board.

Changing the CEO for changes sake has rarely resulted in an enhancement to the business, nor has a quick hire following a hasty saking.

Undermining the CEO by rumours, the dreaded vote of confiedence, anouncing retirement in x months etc has a very destabilising effect on the company too.

It is intersting to note that when things go a bit pair shaped for an organisation the current CEO often moves way to be replaced by an internal replacement. ie Bob. The former CEO often hangs around a bit too generating tension and suspicion. (SCM?)However the problems are rarely of an individuals making and corperations generally suffer because of a "cultural" error in thinking. The internal replacement is then often finally replaced by an outsider with a proven track record who will hopefully bring a fresh way of doing things to the company, ie RE

BC has on paper a good track record and I am sure would do well. However the mission of setting up and running a new, small airline from scratch is a very different challenge to the nuturing of a huge mature organisation where much of its philosophy (for better or worse) is engraved so deeply within the company.

There are probably very few people who could actually qualify for the job of BA CEO, bringing with them a proven track record of big airline management. I think if RE goes, resigns etc then it will be because BA is past the point of no return and he has made the dash, accepted the offer etc of the lifeboat prior to the ship going down.

Happy Landings :D