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inverted flatspin
22nd Jun 2002, 16:20
This Airline is an Attention whore.

Anti-Nazi league to protest outside Ryanair office

16:39 Saturday June 22nd 2002

The anti-nazi league are planning to protest outside the Dublin offices of Ryanair over a plan by the airline to use a speech by a controversial Austrian politician to promote a new flight to the country. The company plan to use a speech by far right politician Jorg Haider to promote their new flight from London to Klagenfurt. He is due to speak at the launch of the route in London during this week. The anti-nazi league protests are due to take place at some stage this week.

C Montgomery Burns
22nd Jun 2002, 16:28
So? Lots of people here will remember the fuss created by Benetton's ads - pictures of genitalia, nuns kissing, the Queen turned black, AIDS patients etc. Why pay for advertising when you can get it for free?

23rd Jun 2002, 06:10
Mr O Leery has grasped the fact that there are many right wing voters in Austria. These far right citizens are probably anti-union and support the business model he is trying to promote in Austria. Aligning his marketing strategy towards a target segment that includes Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis is a questionable decision. I hope it doesn't return to haunt him.

To all Ryanair pilots - I hope you enjoy the new uniform. Knee high boots are difficult to keep clean.

23rd Jun 2002, 17:13
I've read amazing amounts of crap on these forums but this one takes the biscuit.

23rd Jun 2002, 18:07
By saying these sorts of things people couldn't be further from the truth.

When a new route is launched it is standard practice to have local politicians there for the launch to promote the route. Klagenfurt happens to be in the Carinthia region of Austria, of which Haider happens to be the local minister in charge, therefore he will be promoting the launch.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is a Nazi leader, that Ryanair sympathises with his views or whatever, so this is just another far fetched excuse to slag off Ryanair and I'm sick of it!!

Lou Scannon
23rd Jun 2002, 18:51
Then encourage your boss to start behaving as a decent human being towards pilots who need a job!

23rd Jun 2002, 20:15
What's it got to do with you Lou, the RA guys seem happy enough and after all, you may not like their selection system but who is providing the jobs? If you don't like it go elsewere.

C Montgomery Burns
23rd Jun 2002, 21:25
Lou Scannon - I take it you failed the RYR selection, then! :D

23rd Jun 2002, 21:27
hmmm... I'm not an FR basher and have flown them recently but...

not happy with MOL cosying up to Haider. That pr!ck is beyond the pale IMHO.

23rd Jun 2002, 21:43
I'm closing this as it has degenerated into another puerile slagging session.

Shame really