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9th Jan 2016, 08:50
Tracey Curtis-Taylor finishes UK to Australia biplane flight
Well done, that lady! - And the other pilot ;)

9th Jan 2016, 09:00
Seem to recall a similar thread a while back that pointed out that......how shall one put it?.....things not quite as the press is representing it......

9th Jan 2016, 09:01
Read the flyer thread on this...
Not everything is as it seems
FLYER Forums ? View topic - Tracey Curtis arrives in Oz (http://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=98342)

joy ride
9th Jan 2016, 11:49

Lots of interesting comments and different opinions here.

9th Jan 2016, 12:23
No doubting the lady's ability to articulate and promote herself. In the process whipping up the media into near hysteria in adulation for such a latter day heroine.
The evidence actualy points to nothing other than a well supported and generously funded flying circus.
Heroine??? Mmmmm

9th Jan 2016, 13:18
joy ride, thanks for that.
Mods may care to combine or, if you wish, I'll delete this thread.

joy ride
9th Jan 2016, 13:55
No problem Basil, a different journey which does deserve a thread, but up to Mods!