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25th Dec 2015, 00:34
Well, after the already posted here Mahan at IST, another one...remember this one below has all the ingredients a real T.I.A. accident must have. Unfortunately with some victims reported on the ground:

Accident: Services Air A313 at Mbuji-Mayi on Dec 24th 2015, runway excursion on landing (http://avherald.com/h?article=49150489&opt=0)

TIA = This is Africa

Merry Xmas

25th Dec 2015, 01:34
the damage to the aircraft is being assessed but visually appears minor.

At least until all those spectators finish with it... :rolleyes:

fox niner
25th Dec 2015, 06:04
When the overrun in Kupang (indonesia) happened, I wrote that a 200 meter overrun was "rediculous".
So what word am I supposed to use for a 500 meter overrun?

25th Dec 2015, 07:19
'Ridiculous' ?

25th Dec 2015, 07:23
"African Over-run", maybe...?
After all, almost everything is bigger, wider, longer there...:E

25th Dec 2015, 07:30
Absolutely Africanulous !

ATC Watcher
25th Dec 2015, 15:52
Re the 200 vs 500 m overrun and TI Africa , the Air Canada A320 in Halifax last March was 600m.

Bad day, but [email protected] is more likely to happen when you fly to sh@&ty airports in Sh@&ty weather.

25th Dec 2015, 16:46
ATC - I very much doubt the Halifax crash could be classed an overrun.

ATC Watcher
25th Dec 2015, 18:22
Cough : yes , technically you are right, but my point was about the silliness to compare hull resting distances from threshold in an accident as if it was a kind of severity criteria.

25th Dec 2015, 18:38
Ahh. I see where you, but also others are coming from.

The severity of an overrun can be gauged by the distance the aircraft travels from the stop end of the runway. A overrun by a considerable distance may indicate a high speed at the stop end of the runway which may be down to many factors. In other words, aircraft lands under control and fails to stop. Point is the landing is at a controlled point.

Flying an aircraft into terrain/obstacle away from the runway for whatever reason is a whole different kettle of fish...

The distance the first travels from the runway, is important. In the second case, not relevant at all. I hope you can see where the difference is!

25th Dec 2015, 21:40
I don't know much about the A310, but those flaps look more in a 'lift' position rather than a 'drag' position.

Anyone, still flying A310s, care to throw some numbers at us?

Doors to Automatic
25th Dec 2015, 22:03
It only takes a landing like this one http://youtu.be/LLltp3vLIms
on a short runway and you are in trouble.

26th Dec 2015, 11:18
The runway overrun is being attributed to weather, not to the runway surface condition.

Interesting comment by local authorities. I would have thought the overrun, what ever kind of weather, was due to them making a short runway even shorter by ignoring the 1st half of it. They did indeed stop in the expected landing distance; only problem is landing roll started in the wrong place.

White Knight
26th Dec 2015, 11:21
Good old Mahan Air...

No Fly Zone
27th Dec 2015, 09:26
The folks over at AVH also posted a couple of post-event pix. One comment there noted that the large number of 'observers,' were not just stand-arounds (or looters?), but the DRC's entire air safety investigative staff. Professional, I must say!
When one rides an airplane in most of Africa, one demonstrate zero concern for his/her own life.
Multiple colleagues suggest standing in a soup kitchen line before considering flying in most of Africa.
As for the seven, now 8 souls that perished on the ground, RIP. :{