View Full Version : Dont you love these Northerly winds

1st Mar 2001, 13:45
....because my office is along the direct approach path to runway 34 in EIDW.
Havent got a screed of work done these last 2 days :)

1st Mar 2001, 15:23
I'm about 2 miles from the threshold of 34, right under the approach, they're also passing my office window... :) :) :)

Don't FR's new 738's look very wonderful (ditto their 732's, EI's 'buses & Boeings, RE's Atr's, etc etc)

WX Man
1st Mar 2001, 15:24
That's as may be, but the weather's s*ite! I was planning to fly this weekend...

and the chap said
1st Mar 2001, 15:34
Me too! I've been waiting ages to do a solo xcountry. Can't you do anything about it Wx Man? :)

ATCS (dreaming of summer)

1st Mar 2001, 16:59
Third time this term my Air Squadron has cancelled all flights. :mad:

Bloody weather. Let's all move to the US! :)

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