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13th Nov 2015, 20:00
Can anyone tell me where the engine start switches are on the MD11. I can see the three orange lights immediately below the thrust levers but am not clear if they are used to engage the starters or if there is another switch on the overhead panel where most such switches are found.

Thanks in anticipation


13th Nov 2015, 20:36
Those orange lights are the switches. Pull to start, auto disconnect. Ignition select is required first and exists above the captains left shoulder.

Weapons Grade
13th Nov 2015, 20:45
The three switches below the throttles (on MD's, they are throttles, the others call them thrust levels) are the start switches, which when pulled are latched electro-magnetically until about 45% N2. These switches illuminate when the starter is engaged.

The start sequence is:
1. IGN OVRD - on ground, it will cause engine igniters to arm, APU to 100% N1, fuel pumps on, AC packs off (not sure if hydraulics are de-energnised)
2. START sw pull - igniters energise, bleed air energises engine starter.
3. @10~15% - FUEL sw ON
4. @~45% N2 - START sw disengages (light extinguishes)
5. Systems reconfigure/test

Been about three years since I started an MD11 - sure do miss them.


13th Nov 2015, 22:59
Many thanks, guys, just the info I was looking for. There's always an answer if you ask the right bloke.

I've just read an article about Lufthansa MD11F ops and the writer suggests that the MD11 is not highly regarded but Weapons Grade at least obviously thinks otherwise.



14th Nov 2015, 00:03
Think the aircraft was called the 'Kraftei', the 'power egg', by the crew.
Do not know whether that was fondly or otherwise.

14th Nov 2015, 23:59
You don't use IGN OVRD for a normal start. You select IGN A or B. Packs automatically turn off when A or B selected. No need to configure fuel pumps if fuel system is in AUTO mode. Fuel lever on is max motor N2 and a signal is sent to the MSC for ignition when the fuel lever is placed to on (cyan lightning bolt in EGT indicator on EAD)
GE starts much quicker than the PW.

Weapons Grade
17th Nov 2015, 08:50
You are correct - select either IGN A or B.
FSC (fuel system controller) in AUTO and no fuel system configuration required (eg. fuel pumps on etc.).
We had the GE motors - CF6-something I think?

As for preference of type - great aircraft BUT one had to know how to fly it, and importantly LAND it. There is plenty of opinions, biases and prejudices out there regarding the MD11 - take your pick.

18th Nov 2015, 15:49
Weapons Grade, I imagine "flying it" and "landing it" would be covered in a type course! I see there is no mention of "taking off". I'm starting to get worried! :eek:

18th Nov 2015, 17:03
From what I've read it was pretty unforgiving when landing, and due to its small rudder for its size it had one of the highest approach speeds for a commercial aircraft.

Metro man
18th Nov 2015, 23:08
IIRC there was a problem with the way the main gear was attached and how a firmer than normal arrival could drive it through the wing.

Spooky 2
19th Nov 2015, 09:52
The size of the rudder has nothing to do with the handling qualities of the MD11. The size of horizontal stab on the other hand did have some issues. things considered a pretty good ride.

20th Nov 2015, 05:48
Thought this thread was simply a question of how to engage the starter on an MD11??

25th Nov 2015, 22:23
Hi guys,

the type is still in service, no need to use the past here ;-)

Some more details might be found in this month's Airliner World issue about flying a LH Cargo MD-11.



PS: Just in case you didn't know yet, there is a MD-11 Calendar 2016 available here and on amazon: MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016 | Felix Gottwald - Aviation Photography (http://www.felixgottwald.net/product/md-11-aviation-calendar-2016/)

26th Nov 2015, 13:45
Think the aircraft was called the 'Kraftei'Which originally designated the Messerschmitt ME 163, a rocket propelled all flying wing.
I have no clue whether this name has been chosen due to the climb performance, the center engine or the "missing" elevator ;)