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Morris Oxford
16th Sep 2015, 15:03
Can any Ppruner tell me where I can find RAF 82 squadron aircraft serial allocations for the period 1940-1946? I am researching my late father's squadron aircraft.

Is this information in the public domain, published commercially or available on request somewhere? I have read that the squadron was disbanded in 1963.

I am interested in Blenheim IV, Vengeance I/II/III and Mosquito VI serial allocations, colours and markings for the period late 1940 to early 1946.
I have some Blenheim IV serials but not much else.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

16th Sep 2015, 15:07
A good place to start would be the 82 Squadron Operations Record Book held by The National Archives at Kew. Nowadays, a lot of such documents can be accessed on line and downloaded at modest cost so there is no need to actually visit TNA.

Morris Oxford
16th Sep 2015, 15:59
Thank you, that's a good suggestion.

16th Sep 2015, 16:43
Air Britain - The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force & Commonwealth 1918 - 1988; ISBN 0 8513 0 164 9 lists representative aircraft

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

16th Sep 2015, 17:29
Can any Ppruner tell me where I can find RAF 82 squadron aircraft serial allocations for the period 1940-1946? I am researching my late father's squadron aircraft.

If you simply want the serial numbers of the Blenheim, Vengeance and Mosquito aircraft that served with 82 squadron then beg, borrow or steal the relevant volumes of Air-Britain's RAF Register series.

Morris Oxford
16th Sep 2015, 20:55
Thanks for the suggestion pzu; I have found a copy at Abe books - this seems to offer all I need.

Morris Oxford
16th Sep 2015, 21:05
Thanks for the suggestion DaveReidUK. I'm going to try the James Halley Squadrons book first, then perhaps the RAF Register series later. I have a copy of Bruce Robertson's British Military Aircraft Serials - it's the squadron allocations I'm missing.

16th Sep 2015, 22:47

I'm not sure I follow the very specifics of your enquiry, but there are a couple of local lines that come to mind, in addition to persistent gurgling, in case you weren't already aware.

You might ask the very learned "Old Duffer" who inhabits these hallowed halls, whether the obliging Doris at the RAF Museum is still around to help with searches ....

And far more to the point is to ask the immortal "Danny42C" who actually flew Vengeances with a vengeance in Burma at the relevant time and currently posts on the Mil and this Hist & Nost threads. He's recently been chasing the history of a specific Vengeance which still exists down under and I'm sure he will do his best to help. See here -


Good Hunting. .........LFH

izod tester
17th Sep 2015, 16:41
"Bomber Squadrons of the RAF and their Aircraft" by Philip Moyes has the following information:

The Squadron's wartime code was "UX".

Blenheim MK I: L1111, L1112 "A", L1134

Blenheim Mk IV:
L8830 "T", L9303 "F", P4851 "N", P4854 "F",
P4898 "Y", P6910 "X", R3618 "N", R3619 "T", R3709 "F", R3731 "Y", T2162 "Y", T2442 "F", V5515 "N", v5769 "X", V6025 "T", V6070 "N", V6086 "X", V6147 "T" V6226 "D", Z7295 "X", Z7491 "C".

Vengeance Mks I, IA,II and III
AN616 (II) "G", AN703 (II) "X", AN747 (II) "S", AN957 (I) "Y", AN960 (I) "O", AP116 (I) "N", EZ817 (I) "G", EZ855 (IA) "D", EZ859 (IA) "X", EZ869 (IA) "D", EZ985 (IA) "D", FB966 (III) "X".

Mosquito FB VI
HR238 "R", HR334 "S", HR400 "L", HR415 "B", HR493 "C", HR545 "S", HR665 "C", LR449 "R", RF717 "B".

Morris Oxford
17th Sep 2015, 20:13
LFH - thanks for the suggestion - on an initial foray Danny42C's excellent posts make fascinating reading and will certainly be given further and proper attention.

izod tester - thanks for the info.

I am very pleased with a good start to my quest.