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WZ 877
15th Sep 2015, 07:53
Hello all,
I am looking to know what is the type of clock fitted on the dashboard of the DHC-1 CHIPMUNK.
Thank you.

15th Sep 2015, 09:31
As far as I remember, the one fitted to one's wrist with a strap !

15th Sep 2015, 11:39
ISTR the ones with 'ARMY' painted on the side only had the spring-clip for mounting a stopwatch.

it was only when we made it onto Gazelles that they trusted us with anything as exotic as a clock.

15th Sep 2015, 14:01
Have to agree with 26er. It's been a while, but I don't think the RAF ones had a clock. Too technical.

15th Sep 2015, 15:08
Why on earth would you want a clock in a Chipmunk? A calendar might be more appropriate.

WZ 877
15th Sep 2015, 16:04
Thank a lot for your answers gentlemen! :ok:
The spring-clip for mounting a stopwatch is fitted on the dashboard. I would like to have something to put here, and why not a pocket watch who can do stopwatch?
Is Smiths never built one?

15th Sep 2015, 16:37
I vaguely recall a spring clip for a stop watch on RAF Chipmunks, indeed they might have been used for navex's.
My abiding memory is of having to borrow a mate's digital display watch after mine broke.
It really was disconcerting not being able to just glance at a dial for times elapsed /remaining......

But there again, I was never very bright.

15th Sep 2015, 18:19
ISTR a clip for a chrome stop watch. ISTR we collected the watch from the Duty Instructor if going on a cross-country

15th Sep 2015, 19:38
Basically a chrome "Monte Carlo" stopwatch.

15th Sep 2015, 22:01
Think this may be what you are after:

Smiths 60 Sec Stop Watch (http://rltwatches.co.uk/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&path=29&product_id=245)


16th Sep 2015, 03:18
I was told it was a "Monte Carlo" but mine clearly says "Smiths" on the dial. I believe the chrome variety were more common.

http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a144/Blithering/P1010124_zpsvsa8pf5h.jpg (http://s10.photobucket.com/user/Blithering/media/P1010124_zpsvsa8pf5h.jpg.html)

India Four Two
16th Sep 2015, 03:39
I never saw a stopwatch during the period that I flew UBAS T10s (1967-1969) and I don't even remember the stopwatch clip, but that might just be due to fading memory. On the other hand, I could never forget the mnemonic for MFFHHB!

WZ 877
16th Sep 2015, 16:26
OK ! Thank you everybody!
I will try to found one like Dora!

17th Sep 2015, 20:17
Good luck with this!

I advertised in various aviation magazines for many months before I eventually got a response. The owner hand-delivered it to me in Hong Kong (he flew for Virgin Atlantic while I was then with Cathay), he told me he'd removed it from an EE Lightning that was about to be struck off charge. It came with a backing plate but once this was removed it fitted the Chipmunk's brackets perfectly.

Subsequently, ex-RAF Chipmunk drivers have told me that the chromed stopwatch was much more common - but I like mine!

Dan Winterland
18th Sep 2015, 14:28
Indeed. the Black Monte Carlo wasn't fitted to the Chippy in service. That was a permanent mounted watch, whereas the Chippy had a clip where the aforementioned chrome Monte Carlo was inserted. You had to sign one out from the Sqn Adjutant with the threat of removal of your testicles if not returned.