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14th Sep 2015, 22:04
OK this request should maybe's be on another Forum but please indulge me

Can anyone ID the Para Wings worn by the gentleman on the left in the attached photo (taken in Greece 1944)

http://rs36.pbsrc.com/albums/e18/colin97/12011126_710998255702274_4199275024995487438_n_zpsqubdr6uy.j pg~c200?t=1442180944


PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)

14th Sep 2015, 23:20
Looks like British Army Parachute Wings to me, rather than Polish.

Assuming the picture heading is correct - 2/Lt Jerzy Skolimowski, - aka Cpt George Deen or George Skolly. Athens - November/December 1944. Force 133 I think.

15th Sep 2015, 05:20
Skolimowski was awarded his Polish para wings serial number 4451 and was entitled to the operational chaplet number 1982. He was a member of the 'Silent and Unseen' and this for his work in Greece specifically.

If you want a detailed summary go to the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in Princes Gate London.

The wings in the photo are, however, British.

Old Duffer

23rd Sep 2015, 11:15

You continue to impress, and bring a whole new dimension to the phrase "Fount of all Knowledge". (or just possibly "anorak" ;))

And all within 7 1/2 hours.

BZ :ok:

25th Sep 2015, 21:21
To add a little to the above -

Polish Army parachute badge, WWII - my info and image were taken from this learned website – but regret I can no longer make the link work - http://www.16bpd.pl/eng/index.php?t=historia_symbolika

http://i1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj632/LFH99/Polish20Army20Parachute20badge20194120and201944_zpsgjwrufzq. jpg?t=1443127835
I understand this badge was worn on the left breast. Metal, with the individual's name stamped on reverse. The gold laurel wreath was added straight after Arnhem, and was introduced to indicate a combat jump.

British Army parachute wings, WWII

http://i1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj632/LFH99/British%20Army%20para%20wings%201942_zpskijswqni.jpg?t=14431 27191
Army Council Instruction ACI 1589 28 Dec 1940 stated that the parachute qualification badge was awarded after a specified number of jumps and was to be worn on the right arm midway between shoulder and elbow. Qualified personnel could wear the badge in perpetuity unless they refused a jump.

ACI 1274 17 Jun 1942 revised the position of the badge to 2 inches below the shoulder seam as the original position led to the wings being worn in front of stripes.

Apparently the only personnel authorised to wear the parachute qualification badge on the breast were SOE agents who had made an operational jump.


air pig
25th Sep 2015, 23:16

The SAS initially wore their version of parachute wings in the left chest, much to the consternation of the RAF.


The Rhodesian SAS (unofficially regarded as C Squadron 22 SAS) brought the practice back.

26th Sep 2015, 12:41
None of that would surprise me at all, air pig. Thank you. It used to be said that if two Pongos arrived wearing the same uniform, one of them would have to go and change. BTW, I wouldn't fancy telling the SAS where to put their wings ...... LFH

26th Sep 2015, 18:25

The Rhodesian SAS (C Sqn) actually treated the award of para wings to be worn on the left breast as an 'honour'. It became known as: WOC - Wings on Chest.

I do not know the criteria but someone here will tell us!


air pig
26th Sep 2015, 20:18
LFH, it would appear it was HM the King who raised the issue at WW2 medal investiture.

Would anybody dare tell the Rhodesian SAS what to do? Did know a chap from the Selous Scouts, one scary dude.