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13th Sep 2015, 19:02
I wonder if anyone can recommend a good site to sell some Rond*t aviation prints? The A and E sites charge an arm and a leg in % and VAT and make it almost not worth the bother. I am redecorating and have around 7 or 8 framed prints, a mix of AD (F3, F4, Shack etc), plus GR1, Desert Cats signed, Vulcan/Victor Farewell etc ( and TSR2.... Sigh).

I am in Brighton and don't have a car, so making them difficult to move around; and having emailed the auctioneers in Lewes and a couple of studios I haven't even got a reply.

PMs will do so as to not clutter the site. Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


p.s. What's with the site not liking his name??

14th Sep 2015, 06:24
Might be better phoning the Lewes auctioneers, we recently sold a couple of pieces of furniture via auctioneers in Surrey and they seemed very slow with email responses!

Re the asterisks, it's D O T that seems to get filtered out, think it's something to do with email addresses.

Good luck,

17th Sep 2015, 16:09
Orac, Check your PMs

Peter R-B;)