View Full Version : Boeing STRAT C-97(377)now in Brooklyn NYC

Jim Reed
16th Jun 2002, 00:47
Only 2 of these great Boeing STRATS survive in the WORLD today that are still AIRWORTHY! THE C-97G(377)STRAT is owned & operated by the non profit group from Toms River NJ USA. HER new name is "Angel Of Delverance" & now has completed the last leg of ferryflight EAST to HER newhome base at the old NAVY Airstation at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn NY. A Museum of COLD WAR HISTORY will be created inside the big STRATS main cargo area with many displays,showcases,memorabilia & some murals on ceiling to bring back some memories of the Cold War yrs. The C-97/KC-97 was a true unsung hero of the Cold War yrs & also a great proptransport of the time. Only 6 Airlines flew the 377 STRATOCRUISER with PANAM leading the way. Only 55 aircraft were produced as the 377 Airliner & they only had a life of about 10 yrs 1949/1959. We hope to gain much help & support in anyway in this great project to keep the memories alive & tell the story of this once fantastic Proptransport & Airliner by bringing HER backto the skies once again as a "Flying Museum Of COLD WAR History" see us at new site at www.spiritoffreedom.org for pics & latest update. "Help Keep M Flying"