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victor tango
18th Aug 2015, 17:39
I am sorry to keep banging on about this chaps but could someone throw some light on what the hell is going on with the Lanc ?

I'm fed up with searching around websites etc.

Ok , she lost an engine in May, since been replaced.

There have been several remembrance cerimonies in the following months some of which HM The Queen has attended.
Most of these included the BBMF and on every occasion the Lanc was absent.

In the last event the commentator actually said "at around 1300 the BBMF will fly over including the Lancaster"
So even they are confused.:confused::ugh:

18th Aug 2015, 17:48

Scroll down a few posts for some information

India Four Two
19th Aug 2015, 04:58
Post referred to by wub:
Lanc progress
Tonight on another BBMF facebook page it has been stated that the Lanc will be ready to fly in two weeks time. I am sorry to say that this is not possible. Although the engine is in place all of the systems to the engine need refitting and testing.All the cowls require a trial fit and trimming if required this is happening next week but this work will stop any progress on the engine systems. We would like her to fly again before the end of the season and we are working towards this but again at this time we cannot say when. Paul B Eng Controller BBMF

19th Aug 2015, 09:29
Thanks IFT. I thought since the OP was so clearly desperate for info, the least they could do was to click on the link themselves ;)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
19th Aug 2015, 09:47
I was about to comment that at least wub could have given a direct link instead of making the enquirer (and everyone else following the thread) trawl through a lot of irrelevant stuff to find the Lanc info.

Many thanks to I-42 for doing what wub should perhaps have done in the first place.

19th Aug 2015, 10:43
wub didn't have the time and was only trying to help

victor tango
20th Aug 2015, 17:06
Come on chaps ..........every time I post a call for help/information I am always gob smacked at some responses.

I get castigated from several angles.................Look I dont want a bloody argument.....why cant folk be just normal and helpful, not asking much is it .

If someone wants help on here I will try to do that ...I dont tell him he's a prat for not doing this or that.........so for chrissake STOP IT.

Spose I will now wait for the inevitable tsunami of retribution, well it's easy when you folk are just typing it !

Can we get back to more important things like aviation please.

Nearly forgot my manners, thank you to the kind chaps who sent helpful answers, much appreciated.