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14th Jun 2002, 22:34

I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.
I read on a thread Scroggs recommending someone to take the GAPAN aptitude test before commenncing on flight training. I am now wondering what is GAPAN as I have no idea and I too am planning on going into flight training soon.

Thanks very much :)

15th Jun 2002, 00:19
GAPAN is the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators.

There website is http://www.gapan.org/ all details can be found there.

Click on "Features" on the left and then "Aptitude Tests" on the main screen.

The "Scholarships 2002" section may also be of interest to you!

15th Jun 2002, 10:42
pilot 16

there is a big debate about aptitude testing but it seems to be what the airlines want, in this climate we have to be as attractive as possible to prospective employers, as always and results are handy to wave at your bank manager if you've to apply for a loan.
I won a GAPAN scholarship for a PPL, in 1998, then the tests were in the written format followed by an interview by four of their members, all of whom had plenty of airline experience.

To cut a long story short..... I joined as an associate of the guild. since then I have recieved news letters and invites to various functions etc. Unfortunately, most of their activities are midweek so I didn't attend any of them. But The Guild always took an interest in what I was doing and how my progress to becoming a commercial pilot was getting on. Which it wasn't untill last October!
Recently they have assigned a person to oversee the associates he asked lots of questions on how we thought us associates could benefit more from them. The result is that they have assigned, if we wish to have one, a personal mentor to guide us help with C.V and interview technique etc. The chaps they assign are very experienced, usually training captains and the like. And they offer their services for free. :)
I was with SFT and in America when they went broke. The Guild were very helpful afterwards and were very keen to get me back on my feet and running again, some thing which I appreciated.
They are always willing to give help and advice, but they will not answer the question we have all asked, which FTO?? They will not give any commercial information.
Not much more to say, any further questions give them a call or e-mail them, there pretty quick to reply to your queries, unlike some FTO's!!

15th Jun 2002, 21:10
I am not talking about the GAPAN sponsored PPL scheme, nor about anything to 'wave at the airlines'. I recommend that you undergo the GAPAN pilot aptitude tests (for a fee) so that you can have some confidence in your ability to attempt and pass training to fATPL. If your aptitude test results are not good, you have an opportunity to consider the wisdom of committing upwards of 50,000 towards training that you might not pass - or might have to spend a great deal more money before you do pass - and going for a career that you may not be suited for.

Gin Slinger
16th Jun 2002, 11:18
Whato David!

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