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Deputy Dog
24th Jul 2001, 19:36
Hey Guys,

When you are given the opportunity to do a sim check as part of an interview, do you get a briefing on how to fly the plane (i.e. power settings, flap stages etc..) or do you have to research performance characteristics, knobs, flashing lights and buttons etc.. of that type beforehand ?



25th Jul 2001, 00:39
Unless you have a type rating on the aircraft represented by that sim, any reasonable airline will brief you on all the settings required. Often this will be sent to you on a briefing sheet well before the sim check.

Pilot Pete
27th Jul 2001, 00:17
Yes, and often it may only be sent to you a few days before your sim ride. Whenever it turns up, inwardly digest it and be able to reel off every word of it. You need to know all the speeds, attitudes, power settings etc etc and the profile that they will be expecting you to fly. Some people find it very beneficial to get an hour or two in a sim practising all this stuff, as I'm sure you are aware that you can be word perfect, but once the sim starts going and your workload goes up the cracks start to show.

Remember, what most checkers want to see is that;
1. You have bothered to learn what was sent to you.
2. You listen to what they brief you on and apply any tuition given.
3. If given another go at the same item they will be looking for improvement, again applying point two above.
4. Airmanship and situational awareness. (watch for the gotchas like busting MSAs, or being given a radar heading towards high ground, etc)

Remember, they want you to pass, they're not just giving you a free go in a simulator. Display an impeccable attitude towards the whole thing, and whatever you do, don't let any frustration show or make excuses. They often get you to debrief them or your performance, so be honest and frank, they're looking to see if you know what you are trying to achieve which should lead to point 3 above.

Of course, if you already have a type rating they will expect considerably more from you.

Good luck


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